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Innovative Productivity Tool for Physicians Reduces Burden of Medical Documentation

“Physicians typically spend more time in front of the computer than with their patients,” Dr. Bonilla states. “They have become professional data-entry clerks. Often, they must spend several hours a day completing their notes at home after work hours.”

Early in his career, Dr. Bonilla learned from his mentors how being efficient at the clinic can promote work-life balance. By creating thousands of boilerplate templates, known in the medical community as “dot phrases,” he was able to capture the essentials of the office visit while significantly reducing the time spent compiling his notes. These productivity tools enabled him to take more control over his time in the clinic and to focus more attention on his patients.

Realizing that better documentation improves both physician and patient satisfaction, he published StatNote: Dot Phrases to Expedite Medical Documentation, a book with his dot phrases and templates. StatNote is now an Amazon Best Seller. As one user commented, “I am so grateful to the author as I would be somewhat lost in our EMR without this book! I have no doubt that the time spent with this book will save me hours every day in tedious charting.”

Building on the successful publication of his book, Dr. Bonilla established StatNote, a company whose goal is to become a pioneer in developing solutions that enable physicians to improve their clinical workflow and ease the burden of medical documentation.

In addition to the book, StatNote offers an array of solutions and productivity tools, including the Ninja Stick, a USB available on Amazon. The Ninja Stick is loaded with more than a thousand dot phrases and templates that can be used on any computer and with any electronic health record system.

StatNote is now partnering with KaiGenix, a company with a strong foundation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that provides breakthrough solutions at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Through this collaboration, Dr. Bonilla envisions the creation of a smart transcription service that can create a clinician’s notes from the doctor-patient interaction.

“Imagine having Alexa in your office listening to your conversation with your patient, and at the end of the visit your clinic notes are ready for you to review and sign,” he commented. “By developing technology that unchains clinicians from their computer, StatNote will enable them to focus on what they are passionate about: helping their patients.”

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