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IDX Achievements in 2020 Include Managing Over 700 Data Breaches, Launching New All-In-One Consumer Privacy Product, and More in 2020 as Digital Privacy Risks Grow

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IDX, the leading digital privacy platform and data breach services provider, released its year-in-review milestones, highlights and major announcements.

“Certainly, 2020 was unprecedented in so many ways. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic adversely changed the way we work, shop, socialize, seek employment and learn, essentially how we live, having shifted much of our activity into the digital realm, resulting in cyber and privacy risks like never before,” said Tom Kelly, president and CEO of IDX. “With our focus on helping enterprises respond to cyber threats and empowering individuals to take back control of their digital privacy, IDX made great strides in 2020 launching innovative new products and services.”

Key 2020 Accomplishments and Results

  • Managed over 700 data breach responses, growing over 75% from 2019.
  • Rolled out partnership with LendingTree, serving over 6 million members.
  • Grew cyber insurer partnerships to include 12 of the top 15 by premium.
  • Increased base of employee benefits brokers by 57%.
  • Serve over 40 million individuals.

Awards and Accolades

  • Named 2019 Javelin Identity Protection Leader.
  • IDX Privacy rated “Excellent” in PC Magazine review.
  • Featured in Cheddar, Bloomberg Law, TechRepublic, Dark Reading, and PC Magazine.

Groundbreaking Product and Channel Developments

  • Announced new corporate identity, reflecting focus on privacy technology, shifting from ID Experts to IDX.
  • Launched industry-defining all-in-one consumer data privacy product, IDX Privacy.
  • Developed IDX healthcare privacy initiative under a new VP of sales for IDX Healthcare.
  • Launched a no-cost Master Services Agreement to empower organizational preparedness for a data breach.

“The IDX team has continued to execute and deliver major milestones for the company in 2020, despite the challenges in the market environment,” continued Tom Kelly. “IDX exceeded in managing 700 data breaches for the first time, launched the first all-in-one consumer privacy protection product, and rolled out a new healthcare initiative during 2020. We have remained resilient and laser-focused on serving our customers, and expanding our privacy technology platform, in order to grow and thrive as an organization.” 

Looking toward 2021, IDX will continue to spearhead efforts to serve the privacy and data breach needs of enterprises and government agencies, while developing new technologies that keep individuals’ private information and data safe. IDX is well-positioned as the market leader in data breach response services and consumer digital privacy software to continue in leading national conversations regarding privacy, data breach, and identity protection.

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About IDX

IDX is the only consumer privacy company built for agility in the digital age. Thousands of organizations trust our privacy platform to empower consumers to take back control of their privacy with our products and services. As the nation’s largest provider of data breach response services, IDX is trusted by government and enterprise customers, as well as employee benefits and strategic partners, to protect more than 40 million consumers.


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