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How to Turn No Into Yes in Your Sales Approach

Your sales approach: is it really working for you? Or could you fine tune it a little?

Everything about sales starts with you. And in business first impressions really do count! So check your dress and your address before you begin! Do you give a polished impression or are you a rough diamond?

Before you start work for the day check your mental attitude: are you feeling positive? Bright? Or negative and dull? This will require long term work on your self belief and developing for yourself Positive Mental Attitude.

Do you feel confident in your self? In your presentation? In the products you promote?

A good product self promotes so if you are failing to secure the success you deserve then seriously consider the product: it could well be you need to source a better product range and a better company!

Are you addressing the buyers? Do you sound confident? Are you in charge? Do you know your product information? Do you use your product? A car salesman will achieve great results by driving the car he sells: he will radiate good humor, confidence, professional knowledge from a standpoint of personal experience.

Sales Presentation is both an art and a science.

Do you address your buyers by name? Do you consciously create rapport before launching into sales talk? Are you interesting? Do you have a story to tell? Can you give examples of how this product has solved problems for other clients? Letters of recommendation? Photos? A success portfolio?

Most important of all, and most neglected: do you listen? Do you let your client have their say? Talk less about your product sales message and listen a good deal more to your client’s point of view and time without number you will close the sale and secure repeat sales for your company.

So skyrocket your sales today by working on your PMA, your self confidence, your knowledge of and belief in the quality of your product, polish your presentation, greet your buyer by name, smile, create rapport, and above all, be a good listener .

The sales person who listens will succeed. Be a listener!

What problems does your client have? What solution can you provide? Be bright, awake, top of the morning and truly expect to receive the order. I would rather buy from a cheerful genuine person than get a discount with a bad attitude! How about you?

Source by Louise Woodcock