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How to Solve the Challenges of Dirty Data

The topic of dirty data and the challenges around it are always a hot topic for IT and marketing teams. Data degradation, hygiene, and data governance impact marketing performance, have GDPR and CCPR implications, and can make or break e-commerce succcess. As PIMpoint2019 is fast-approaching, our sponsors and speakers are gearing up for the big event. We’ve asked a few of our key sponsors to share insights into their focus at the event and the challenges they are helping to solve.

This year, Ntara’s session is all about dirty data.

Everyone has it but nobody likes to talk about it. Because it happens when we’re busy. While you’re running around being great at your job and managing customer demands, it’s something professional data-wranglers can easily succumb to. For PIM, this results in in errors and slow progress. For the business, it causes product returns, confused salespeople, and unhappy customers.

From duplication issues to marketing pitfalls, Ntara will cover how dirty data happens, how to fix it when you have it, and practical solutions you can employ in your PIM implementation immediately. They will present the topic with inRiver customer, Royal Brass and Hose, who will discuss their own dirty data experience and how they conquered the seemingly endless abyss of spreadsheet hell.

Want to learn more?

Spend time with Ntara’s business consultants and development experts to score free on-site consulting at the booth at PIMpoint.  Have a problem with dirty data? Tough implementation issues? Just need some friendly advice? They can help with that—because friends don’t let friends use dirty data.

Still haven’t purchased your ticket to PIMpoint? What are you waiting for? We sold out last year…don’t wait and suffer #FOMO. Buy your ticket here.

PIMpoint Americas, the premier product information management conference in North AmericaPIMpoint Americas, the premier product information management conference in North AmericaPIMpoint Americas, the premier product information management conference in North America

About Ntara

Ntara is a digital agency that helps organizations do more with their data. As an inaugural provider of the inRiver PIM Accelerator program, the agency has created proprietary analysis tools and foundational PIM components that significantly expedite PIM projects for faster time to value. Our tools can analyze current deployments of iPMC within seconds—looking for efficiencies and opportunities for improvement. In as few as six weeks of working with Ntara, brands, manufacturers, resellers, and distributors can begin enriching their product data.

With a staff of experienced developers, business consultants, and North America’s original inRiver champion, Ntara delivers unparalleled PIM strategy and high-quality implementations. Top global brands trust Ntara with the most challenging, global jobs with a multitude of inputs and outputs.

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