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How to Drive Leadership Through Partnership – PIM Software

Leadership and partnerships come in many different forms and often go hand in hand. Earlier this year, Microsoft reported that 95% of its commercial revenue flows through channel partners, a growth from previous years. Collaboration has been and continues to be a cornerstone for any successful partnership and Microsoft has certainly led the way in their channel development efforts to inspire other organizations.

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on strategic partnerships and channel alliances in both the computer hardware and software industries. In fact, a survey of 1,300 CEOs conducted by KPMG indicates  33% of them are prioritizing strategic alliances over mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures.

2018 Global CEO Outlook, KPMG

One of the current trends in the channel is leveraging partnerships to fuel growth and innovation.
At inRiver, our channel partners create innovative approaches to clients’ business problems based on the diversity of their technical product knowledge. Very often that innovation is driven by specific client demand. We find partners building technology integrations that their clients didn’t know they needed at the beginning of their project. However, innovation and commitment to excellence push the boundaries in technology, growth, change management, and so much more.

How can channel leaders best capitalize on the increased focus around partnerships?

Partner to innovate

Artificial intelligence is starting to have an impact on the way product information is created and delivered. We are seeing delivery partners such as Solteq begin to leverage AI and machine learning to improve the quality of Product information.

Partner to develop new solutions

Forrester Research once defined product information and order management systems as core functionality for any eCommerce deployment. Our partner, Luminos Labs is working on integrating inRiver PIM to a best-of-breed Order Management System (OMS) that will streamline product details into customer orders for one of their clients in the housewares industry.

Partner to enter new markets

Our partner OSF Commerce acquired iFactorySolutions in Latin America in 2018. Through our partnership, we hope to leverage OSF Commerce expertise to meet the growing demand for PIM inquiries in Central and South America.

Whether the goals for your partner strategy focus on technology, service offerings or general growth, partners are the key to leadership in today’s business environment. Building an expansive partner network of system integrators, agencies, and technology partners in the PIM space is no easy task. I’m proud to have had a hand in developing it and look forward to continuing to build our community of experts that drive success for thousands of brands and B2B customers globally.

Want to learn more about how inRiver partners drive success? Visit the partner page and learn what makes this community unlike any other in the industry.

Author: Diane Schmidt, senior director of alliances, inRiver

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