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Henrik Liliendahl

MDM/PIM Consultant, Co-founder and CTO at Product Data Lake and Blogger at Liliendahl on Data Quality
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of product data management, Nadim is passionate about product data management as foundation for business transformation. Nadim founded arounData because he believes that, for companies, processes, quality and governance, are much more important than data, to provide a great product experience. Nadim supports companies in their data journey from data project inception till the go-live, going through all necessary steps, to make PIM as a central piece of productivity within organization. Nadim covers all Europe and different sectors (retail, manufacturing, pharma, luxury…)
Henrik Liliendahl

What is Product Data Syndication?

Product Information Management (PIM) has a sub discipline called Product Data Syndication (PDS). While PIM basically is about how to collect, enrich, store and publish product information within a given organization, PDS is about how to share product information between manufacturers, merchants and marketplaces. Marketplaces Marketplaces is the new kid on the block in this

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Six Product Attribute Levels

The basic bricks in Product Information Management (PIM) are product attributes. An attribute is a distinct data element that describe a specific property or feature of a product. You can divide the different kinds of product attributes into the following levels: 1: Basic Attributes 2: Classification Attributes 3: Trading Attributes 4: Recognition Attributes 5: Self-Service Attributes 6: Competitive Attributes 1: Basic Attributes

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