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October 8th

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Guide to Digital Shelf Analytics · inRiver eBook

Step up your digital commerce game and eliminate the guesswork

The global pandemic has rapidly accelerated the rate of e-commerce adoption. With shopping and browsing habits changed forever, it’s more important than ever for retailers and consumer brands to stand out from the online crowd.

What can you do to improve your digital commerce game? The first rule of the digital shelf is to make sure your products can be found. But ensuring products are in stock, accurately presented, and optimized across all your touchpoints can be an exhausting manual process.

Some might say it’s mission impossible. Unless, of course, you use digital shelf analytics (DSA).

DSA automatically monitors your online touchpoints, delivering the engagement intelligence and data-driven analytics you need to capitalize on e-commerce’s rapid growth. This closed-loop feedback lets you quickly make the right adjustments at the right time, on the right channel.

Read the eBook to discover:

  • The five stand-out benefits of DSA
  • What actionable insights really look like
  • How to pick the best DSA technology for you
  • What the next steps are on your DSA journey

About inRiver

inRiver empowers organizations to deliver revenue-driving product information at every touchpoint. inRiver’s Digital-first PIM™ enables organizations to bring compelling product stories to life for highly customized purchases, obtain actionable guidance on what influences buying decisions, and then quickly adapt to put insights into action. inRiver helps B2B and B2C organizations turn product information into strategic assets to drive revenue for over 1,500 brands and 500 customers globally. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, inRiver has offices in Chicago and Amsterdam.

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