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Free Trial, Prices, Deals and Discounts by VPN Experts

NEW YORK, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VPN Experts has published an all-inclusive SurfShark VPN Review for the year 2021.

Surfing the internet in an insecure manner is an invitation to risks like malware, data piracy, unwanted hacking activities and so on. This is why VPN services have gained popularity due to their data protection promises. Although the VPN services offer security it is difficult to understand which VPN is the most compatible, trustworthy, and pocket-friendly. For this, test popular VPN services and review them. They aim to provide accurate, detailed and unbiased VPN related information to the users so that they can be confident and secure while browsing the internet. has listed the best VPN companies for 2021, one of which is SurfShark VPN company. They have tested all the features and reviewed the VPN service.

SurfShark Offer Fast speeds & strong privacy features. Anonymous dedicated IP addresses. Ad-blocker included. Chrome & Firefox extensions. 24/7 live chat support and 7 days free trial.

  • Works with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ & more
  • Try it for free for 7 days
  • Anonymous & secure P2P downloads
  • No user logs & no IP address leaks
  • Connect securely to 90+ countries

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SurfShark is a new and rather popular VPN service company, providing exceptional features, reasonable pricing, maximum security, and great discounts and deals for every user.

SurfShark VPN provides encryption of various personal user information such as browsing history, confidential information, private data and so on. It offers a robust AES 256-bit encryption which encrypts data and protects the IP address of the user. It masks the IP address and prevents the leaking of information. Major search engines and even the internet service provider are unable to get a hold of useful data which prevents misuse or selling of information.

It supports various encrypted proxies like Shadowsocks, Wireguard, OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols. It has in-built tools for bypassing restricted internet censorship, even in crowded areas like china. China has major policies for blocking out VPN services. With SurfShark VPN the user can easily bypass internet censorship in China. Wireguard protocol is a relatively new protocol that is ultra-smooth and offers fast and secure connections. Not many companies can afford this protocol.

SurfSharks’s macOS and IOS apps use the IKEV2 VPN protocols whereas Shadowsock is for windows using devices. SurfShark also uses OpenVPN which is loved by the users due to its features. 

Surfshark VPN – 7 Days Free Trial – Visit Surfshark Official Website

SurfShark is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands that are outside the jurisdiction of 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. SurfShark’s privacy policy states that the company does not collect any personal information such as IP addresses, Bandwidth used, Session information, Browsing history, Network traffic, Connection time stamps. They only use the required essential information like email address, encrypted password, and Billing information. The users who are reluctant to reveal their billing and financial data have the option to use bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for payments.

The only drawback here is that SurfShark might collect advertising identifiers for marketing purposes. However, this is fixable by opting out for data collection and resetting the advertising identifiers in the app itself.

Common VPNs tend to slow down internet connectivity and create streaming and surfing problems. When connected to a VPN the performance and connectivity of the internet are degraded because of the extra amount of machines and distance in connection.

However, SurfShark when tested, decreased the speed only by 4-5% which is a considerably less percentage. It provides remarkable results and high connectivity. This allows speedy downloads, browsing and streaming.

SurfSharks uses the latest and fastest Wireguard protocol that facilitates top performance and highest speed. When checked for upload, download and latency speed, SurfShark surely passed the test. Although test results depend on the time of the day and region, the difference is minimal. SurfShark provides the best speed and performance. The speed of the VPN service is dependent on the area in which it is being used and which server it is connected to. SurfShark review records different speeds when connected to different servers.

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SurfShark has its own version of double VPN. It has a multihop mode that adds an extra layer of encryption by routing the traffic through two servers for extra protection. This further disguises the user’s information and protects them from being found. However, this mode is only useful for journalists working in VPN prohibited countries. The common users have no use or benefit from this mode.

A good VPN server is expected to have an automated connection and disconnection tools. The SurfShark VPN review reveals that it features an automatic kill switch that automatically disconnects the internet connection if the VPN connection fails, to protect IP and data leaks. It gets reconnected to the internet as soon as the VPN connection recovers without losing any important information.

Visit Surfshark Official Website 

The compatibility test taken by proves that SurfShark’s app is compatible with every android and ios device. It can easily be connected with the major operating systems. It provides outstanding apps and features for Windows, IOS, macOS, firefox, chrome, Linux and so on. The smart DNS app also allows the user to connect with devices like PlayStation and Xbox, which usually restrict VPN service usage.

Sufshark VPN allows windows to choose between distinct VPN protocols however this feature is not allowed in ios and macOS. It is compatible with devices like firestick, AppleTV stick and other tv devices. The server connects with the device after logging in to the existing SurfShark account or registering a new one. This enables streaming content from different servers all over the world.

SurfShark VPN allows multiple simultaneous connections. Many VPN services only allow a limited number of devices to be connected at a time. With SurfShark the user can connect unlimited devices like mobiles, laptops, pc, iPad and many more, to the server and use them all at the same time without needing multiple VPN subscriptions. The user can easily log on to the app and connect the device without setting up and installing the app several times.

The SurfShark review shows that this VPN can be used to access several video streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu and many more.

Take Surfshark for a Free 7 Days Trial: Right Here

Netflix has VPN restricting technologies to block VPN users from accessing geo-restricted content. Therefore it is quite hard for a VPN to access such content. But SurfShark VPN enables connection with various location servers by masking the user’s original location details and IP. This allows streaming the geo-restricted content on several video streaming apps.

SurfShark VPN comes with the option of choosing which sites are to be protected under VPN. In case the user is surfing on a safe site then the site can be excluded from the VPN protection by listing it on the Whitelister. The Whitelister feature of SurfShark is its split-tunnelling tool. A split-tunnelling tool allows chosen websites to reach the internet directly without being protected by a VPN. It works when the chosen websites are listed on the whitelister list in the app. The feature enables faster speed on safe websites, browsing with multiple IP addresses at the same time, protection of only those websites that require security, accessing network devices like printers and so on.

SurfShark has built-in ad blockers for smooth internet surfing. Unwanted ads on sites like Google and Youtube are blocked when connected to SurfShark. The in-built Cleanweb tool of SurfShark blocks the unnecessary midroll ads on sites that are usually full of advertisements to enable ultra-smooth browsing without interruptions. The Cleanweb feature of SurfShark has the ability to track harmful malware coming in contact with the device. It blocks this malware and protects the device from leaking useful information. It also prevents hackers from getting a hold of the device and extracting data.

SurfShark masks the real IP address of the user and prevents frauds. After testing, the SurfShark review shows satisfying results. SurfShark is tested on sites that enable DNS and IPv6. SurfShark successfully masks the original IP address and provides a fake one.

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The users who require a great VPN for fast torrenting, the SurfShark VPN is a reliable option. It features fast torrenting that is reliable. The servers of SurfShark allow p2p sharing that are optimized for fast torrenting. It is compatible with p2p clients like uTorrent and BitTorrent.

The Hacklock mode provided by the SurfShark VPN enables custom monitoring of email addresses and passwords for security infringement. The user can monitor and look out for break-ins or security breaches. Once enrolled, the Hacklock program sends messages and emails notifying the leaked information and a link informing that the device is at a risk. The user then checks the notification and takes corrective actions. 

SurfShark’s NoBorder mode diagnoses and presents a list of servers that the user can connect to a restricted heavily-censored region like china. China has its servers under heavy surveillance therefore it is near impossible to use VPN in the region. SurfShark makes it possible. It is best for users that are looking to get online in a restricted country.

SurfShark has its own amazing search tool that works as a search engine and enables ad-free secure browsing. Search engines like google, yahoo and bing have numerous search engines and display ads that slow down information search and keeps from accessing the organic results that are useful. These search engines also record the search history and collect data from browsing terms and personal information registered. They keep track of location, server location, IP address, ISP details, device name and so on. This data is further sold to multinational corporations to market their ads to the user. This is how the data reaches multiple platforms and breaches data security.

SurfShark’s search tool-blind search- provides search facilities without any hassle. It does not record and collect the browsing history of the user and masks personal information. It is private and ad-free.

The countries that restrict VPN usage like China, Russia, Iraq, UAE, Turkey and more, install a firewall on the servers to keep a track of the internet traffic. This firewall catches VPN users and blocks them legally.

For people living in such countries, SurfShark has camouflage mode. When this mode is turned on, it disguises the encrypted traffic as regular traffic under deep packet inspection (DPI). This hides the VPN usage from legal authorities and helps in bypassing the legal firewalls so that  nobody knows that the VPN is being used by the user.

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Unfortunately, this feature of SurfShark is only available on windows, android and ios operating systems.

SurfShark is designed in such a way so as to provide easy navigation and hassle-free usage. The native apps built in the app are designed for a positive user experience.

On the left of the app, there is a clear list of the server locations with a search bar to browse through whatever the user is looking for. This counts for the fast delivery of information and easy navigability.

On the bottom right is a quick connect button that connects the user to the nearest and most compatible servers based on the current location of the user.

SurfShark is compatible and reliable and easy to use for new beginners as well. When installed on a new device the app guides the user through the simple process of login, registration and installation. The app walks through the process of granting permissions to the in-built SurfShark VPN tools such as the Multi-hop tool that is the double VPN tool.

The settings menu is easy to understand for even the users that are new to VPN services. The mobile app of SurfShark VPN is equally user-friendly and has installed advanced features.

SurfShark is a positive VPN service for new as well as experienced users. It performs well with minimal flaws. The user interface is minimal and easy to navigate through. The advanced settings and basic functions of the app include the help centre offering important information to the user like Installation tutorials, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting guides, consistent 24/7 customer support, ticket request system, and a  live chat option. The help centre is designed as fast, simple and informative to assist the user in navigating through and understanding the features of SurfShark.

Best Free VPN Services for 7 Days Free Trial – Try SurfShark Here

The customer support service of any VPN is important to solve complex queries. SurfShark’s customer service is highly responsive, user-friendly and informative. The live chat support option appoints each query to a representative and the user is connected to that representative for finding solutions.

There is usually a waiting time of a few minutes. The system shows where the user’s query stands in the queue. The query is answered as soon as it is accessed.

SurfShark has three different pricing structures based on the length of the subscription. All three plans consist of the same premium features like double VPN, all the VPN protocols, high-end security, camouflage mode and so on. The price varies due to the duration of the subscription.

The first plan is valued at $2.49 per month and allows 24 months of VPN protection. Another plan at $6.49 per month allows a subscription of 6 months, and the third plan is a 1-month plan valued at $12.95 per month. The lengthiest plan is the most profitable plan. The subscription chosen depends on user needs.

Although the pricing of SurfSharks servers is high for some users, it makes up for it with its advanced features.

SurfShark offers a variety of payment modes for the users like Credit cards (MasterCard, visa), Paypal, Google pay, Amazon pay, Alipay, and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple).

SurfShark VPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users. Within 30 days of signing in to the app and registering, the user can demand a refund and place a request via email or live chat option on the app. They ask the user a few questions and get a review on the services they did not approve of. After the completion of this process, the full amount is refunded to the user.

The most frequently asked question on the web is – Is SurfShark Free?

SurfShark VPN is not free. No VPN service is. However, SurfShark offers a 7-day free trial period before charging from the user. After signing up the user is given 7 days before monthly payment is charged. Within that period the user can cancel the subscription without being charged any cancellation fee.

The SurfShark free trial feature is popular among users to test the features before paying for them.

Visit Surfshark Official Website

The SurfShark VPN review conducted by gives a detailed insight into the basic functions, primary features, services and pricing and payment of SurfShark. For a new user, it is difficult to understand VPN connectivity and usage. However, with all the required knowledge any client can take advantage of the advanced VPN features.

About Vpn-Experts.Org is a professional website that offers a platform to the users for comparing and selecting the best VPN services. The mission of is to assist users in making a wise decision by collecting all the required information about the VPN services. They test and review all the services and list the best of them for the customer or client to choose from according to their requirements. The experts at spend time and money reviewing the distinct VPN services to make it easier for the user to make a hard-hitting decision. They give honest reviews regarding the features, pricing and important details. This saves the users time and prevents hours and hours of researching.


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