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Free Trial, Prices, Deals and Discounts by VPN Experts

NEW YORK, March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberghost VPN Reviews, Free Trials & Discounts.  Features of Cyberghost VPN and its ability to create a safe and secure browsing experience tested & reviewed by

With the rise in concern for Cyber Safety, the interest in VPNs has also seen an increase. A Virtual Private Network abbreviated to VPN carries out several purposes. There are several VPNs in use at the moment. The team of researchers at VPN experts have done research regarding the various options a person might have. After doing so, the website creates lists including all the features as well as pricing of the VPNs. 

The primary aim of a VPN is encrypting one’s device while it is in connection with a network. This allows one to safeguard their information from cookies as well as access information that is restricted. The most common use for a VPN is accessing online streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and more. 

VPN has listed the best VPN services companies for 2021 to be Cyberghost. In this Cyberghost VPN review, there will be an outline of the various services provided by the VPN as well as the quality of the services.

Cyberghost VPN offer Fast speeds & strong privacy features. 100% Anonymous dedicated IP addresses. Ad-blocker included. Chrome & Firefox extensions. 24/7 live chat support.

  • Works with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ & more
  • Try it for free for 45 days
  • Anonymous & secure P2P/torrenting
  • No user logs & no IP address leaks
  • Connect securely to 90+ countries

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Cyberghost carries out all these functions in addition to others as well. Cyberghost is a VPN that has its roots in Romania. Therefore, a client will receive a lot more freedom as it is free from the American cyber rules. Cyberghost is known for its low cost. After the Cyberghost free trial, the pricing is around $2.25 per month which is much cheaper in comparison to big-name VPN providers. In addition to this, the VPN provider offers a Cyberghost free trial for only one day. However, they offer a Money Back Guarantee in case a client would like more time to try out its services. The Cyberghost free trial offers potential customer access to some of the features of Cyberghost. So, therefore, a client will receive all the features of  Cyberghost free for a day. 

The VPN provider offers three plans on the basis of the duration of the subscription. In case a client takes the plan that lasts three years, then they will have to pay $2.25 per month. The plans that last for one month and one year are $12.99 and $3.99 for each month respectively. 

With each of these plans, a client will receive the same services. However, according to the most recent changes, the plan for one year is more common. 

The foremost feature of Cyberghost is the number of servers that are available for use through the VPN. The VPN provider hosts around 7000 servers. Servers are responsible for encrypting a client’s device. That is, when a person surfs the internet without a VPN, they do so with a generic Internet Service Provider server. This server is not protected against all attacks from hackers or bots. Therefore, the individual’s information is in a vulnerable position and capable of being leaked. However, when a Client of Cyberghost VPN browses the internet their data will receive encryption through the servers. This information will probably be untraceable. This is because a VPN can hide a user’s IP address. These servers are known as Dedicated servers. Cyberghost possesses one of the largest pools of servers. 

The Cyberghost VPN review will now dive into the more essential features. 

The Cyberghost download is possible on seven different devices at the same time. Therefore, it will protect almost all the devices present in a family. In addition to this, one can start torrents on almost all the servers present in the 100 plus locations. These locations spread out across 89 countries. However, there is one drawback regarding the VPN and the number of devices that can receive a connection with the provider. Once a device is connected with the VPN provider, then that device should always be connected. A new device cannot take its place. 

Cyberghost  VPN 45 Days Free Trial – Visit Cyberghost Official Website

Cyberghost offers one the possibility of attaining a dedicated IP address. However, this add-on requires one to pay an extra $5. This dedicated IP would mean that an individual will be able to attain the same IP every time they surf the internet. This is contrary to non-dedicated IP which changes randomly with each visit. However, this may make one more susceptible to information robbery. 

In addition to this, the VPN provider is also known for its unblocking capacity. Most streaming platforms contain a geographic restriction. This restriction may not allow individuals of different countries to access a particular program. The streaming app displays one’s options on the basis of the IP address that it finds. An IP address changes every time. With Cyberghost one will be able to find the desired programme by finding a dedicated IP address in the country to which the streaming account will be. Therefore, they will be able to watch the programmes restricted to that region. 

The Cyberghost download on a Windows system will make the One day trial available. According to sources, the trial does not entail all the features of the paid version. There is especially a lack in the number of slots or devices that are available. The Cyberghost login on the iOS app is different, however. This allows a 24-hour trial and all the features are available. 

However, the most accessible operating system is the Android system. A Cyberghost login to the android system will offer one a full week of free trial with all the services.

The next feature is the “No Logs Policy”. This policy states that the information about a client’s logins will not be collected. In addition to this, the VPN does not collect information about the data traffic, one’s searches, history and more. Therefore, there is no information that can lead back to the client. This fact means that none of this information will be in connection with the IP address of the client. Also, the VPN will not have any updates on a user’s timestamps, connection logins as well as the period that the user spent online. 

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The above claims have been a major focus of the VPN’s mission. This was especially seen in the release of their Transparency Report. The aim of the report was to let an individual know exactly what information of theirs goes to authorities. These authorities may be the police or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA. The report stated that absolutely no information is being given to any authorities. In addition to this, every user receives double encryption. That is to say, the authentication connection as well as the VPN connection receives encryption. 

The yearly subscription to Cyberghost comes with a special addition. This is the No spy VPN. In a sense, the No Spy VPN is responsible for protecting a user from losing information regarding their activities on the internet. This feature requires one to pay an extra $60 with the monthly subscription. 

The VPN also supports torrents. Therefore, one will be able to safely download media illegally. The Cyberghost login allows one to access torrents illegally through a P2P connection. A peer to peer connection involves the sharing of files from one system to another. In a nutshell, a peer is a computer system. To download a torrent one receives a fleet of computer systems that are in connection with each other through a network. Therefore, one system on the network will be able to transfer files to another system on the same network. However, some countries do not support this type of downloads. Therefore, the VPN provider will work towards creating an IP address present in a country that supports P2P connection. Therefore, one will be able to carry out the required downloads on this foreign IP address without any problems. 

The Cyberghost app present on Windows lists approximately 70 countries that support torrent downloading. In addition to this, they also protect one’s device from viruses that may be present on the site. This protection comes from the URL filter that is available with the VPN itself. 

The speed that the VPN provider offers is also impressively quick. The internet speed was tested on various online platforms. With the introduction of a VPN to a browser, one will notice a decrease in the speeds of the internet. However, Cyberghost still offers a fast 180 Mbps. This is similar to the speeds that other big-name VPNs offer as well. The reason behind the decrease in speeds is the distance between the device and the server. 

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Cyberghost uses certain protocols in order to create a secure VPN connection. The protocol in use at the moment is OpenVPN. This type of protocol is present on an open-source platform. Therefore, it can be scanned by people independently to find potential vulnerabilities. The other protocols available are the IKEV2. This is usually seen in the Apple Devices that contain the iOS operating systems. 

The VPN provider’s application is well designed. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through. The Cyberghost download on a desktop or laptop involves going to the website. On the website, a link will direct one to the various plans that are available at the moment. One can opt for a free trial in order to test out the VPN on their devices. After doing so, one will have to accept the terms and conditions that come with the download. Then the website will ask for the client’s email ID and the signup process is done. In case, they opt for a paid plan, the payment will have to be done after this step. 

The app is installed on the device after this. Therefore, one will be able to toggle the settings present. In addition to this, a mobile app can also be downloaded in order to protect one’s mobile browser as well. 

Upon opening the app, one will see a list regarding the location of various servers. Therefore, an individual will be able to choose the location of their IP address easily. There is a pulldown menu that comes with this section. This menu houses the option to see the analytics of the connection. Therefore, one can check if the internet speeds will be low or not. The home page contains all the options for settings and other features. The yellow button is present on the left-hand side. One will even be able to add some servers to their list of favourites. 

The home screen also contains the Cyberghost tray. This tray houses information regarding available locations as well as torrenting options and available streaming applications. 

The panel known as the Connection Features contains options regarding the protection that one would receive while surfing the net. The VPN provider also provides a list of features that will help to block unwanted viruses. These tools include an advertisement blocker and a detector for malicious content. In addition to this, one would also receive a tracker. However, all these additions will lead to an increase in the load time of a webpage. But this load time may or may not be very significant depending on the server distance. 

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Online protection also involves shifting the web pages from an HTTP connection to an HTTPS connection. This is because the HTTP connection possesses lesser security in comparison to the HTTPS connection. The aforementioned load time can be easily resolved by downloading the Data Compression feature. This feature allows one to compress the images and other media present on a website. Therefore, an individual will be able to open websites faster. 

The next important panel is the Smart Rules Menu. This panel involves the control of the working of the VPN. In a nutshell, this panel acts as an on and off button. When a client switches on their device, they can either choose to use the services of the VPN provider or not. This panel makes this setting much more accessible. In fact, the possibility of doing this with other VPN providers is not available. 

The other option that comes with the panel is a quick access setting bar that houses one’s favourite servers. Cyberghost is known for its ability to be compatible with various mainstream browsers. In fact, it is most compatible with Google. 

It also has an automatic activation feature if the user enables it. This is in regards to the app protection present on one’s smartphone. Cyberghost will automatically designate a VPN to an app when the client opens it. Therefore, they are able to open apps without the headache of going to the VPN app to attain a VPN. 

The WiFi receives its panel known as the WiFi protection panel. This panel offers a fully transparent WiFi connection. That is to say, a Client will know the exact working of their WiFi through the analytics and information provided by this panel. It allows one to carry out customisation when connecting to a new network. In addition to this, one can also choose which networks to receive encryption and which networks should not receive one. For example, one can encrypt their Home Networks but can choose to keep their work networks open. 

 Try Cyberghost VPN for a 45 Days Trial Test Drive

The VPN is extremely handy in protecting and encrypting streaming tools from Apple and Amazon as well. For example, the television add-ons like Apple TV and Amazon Firestick will also attain a VPN in order to access geographically restricted content. However, this is not possible with the Google Chromecast. But it does offer some sort of protection in that it checks the traffic that the client is receiving on Chrome. 

At present, the older L2TP protocol is not available for any devices. This is because it tends to leave many portions of the VPN exposed. In addition to this, it was also a hindrance to the speed of the internet. However, the OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols are more than enough and capable of protection. 

The two protocols are interchangeable through the settings box present in the app. This allows one to shift from OpenVPN to IKEV2 depending on their preference. One can also monitor their IP6 connections and check DNS leaks. Most users prefer the OpenVPN because it does not compromise on the speed and sustainability of the VPN. 

Finally, one can also renew their subscription to the VPN provider through third party payment apps. They accept payments through PayPal, Cryptocurrency and even credit cards. 

Therefore, Cyberghost is a VPN provider that offers a large number of features for an affordable price. It remains unbeaten in its wish to provide privacy to their clients. On the basis of independent audits, Cyberghost does in fact protect one’s information. This includes obstructing law enforcement and regulatory bodies. 

Visit Cyberghost VPN Official Website

The intuitiveness of the desktop app allows one to remain undetected with extreme ease. It does not interfere with the smooth functioning of any of the applications. This goes for the mobile app as well. One can easily customize the functions of the VPN to make their experience not only safe but also convenient. 

About VPN-Experts.Org

This Cyberghost VPN Review is a product of the extensive research carried out by the team at This review is a reflection of the unbiased work that is present on the website. The website also contains a number of posts regarding the comparisons between various VPN sites to find the best option. They work to compile information regarding top-ranking VPNs to the lowest-ranking ones as well. Therefore, one will be able to make the most educated decision while investing in a VPN provider. 



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