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Free Identity Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring Reviewed By

NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IdentityIQ A Leading American Company, amongst the best identity theft protection and credit monitoring services providers in the US has recently announced a trial offer to all new customers 7-Day Trial for $1, More on this offer on IdentityIQ official website

With the advent of technological advancements in modern times, everything has shifted to an online platform. People these days are more active online, be it due to their work or social media. Online platforms allow an individual to get access to all kinds of information over the internet. 

While this advancement of this technology has made working of a person more simplistic, however, on the other hand, it has rapidly increased the threat of online frauds and this data present online serve as attractive targets for cybercriminals browsing for data to commit treachery and identity theft. Security and privacy issues on the internet are increasing day by day. People nowadays are expected to be more careful while using a social media platform or any other websites which includes the usage of your bank account details or a social security number as a cybercriminal can easily take out these details to cause financial harm to a person. 

The fear of these identity thefts has also increased amongst people and many users are contemplating redefining their use of internet. To assist people to subdue this perplexing circumstance, regularly evaluates all the best identity theft protection websites available online and assist individuals in choosing the most suitable identity theft protection services.

IdentityIQ Official Offer Exclusive 7 Days Trial For Only $1 – Right Here is a reputed website that comprises a directory of all the sites rendering identity theft protection & credit monitoring services online and presents reviews of all these online sites in the most honest and reliable way and without being prejudiced about any of these sites. The team at continually evaluates each of these platforms meticulously and looks out at even most of the minute details to assist individuals with the most honest reviews. One such amazing platform that provides most suitable identity theft protection services is Identityiq. 

Identityiq (IDIQ) is amongst the best identity theft protection and credit monitoring services providing organizations that are based out of the United States. This company was established in 2009 and it presents a four-level protection to safeguard all the identity threats that a person gets constantly concerned about. The premium Secure Max program provided by Identityiq offers free coverage for identity theft protection services and credit monitoring services to a person’s family members. 

This is the most outstanding and novel feature that is offered by Identityiq as this feature is not available on many competing websites and all this at similar prices like all other websites. Identityiq (IDIQ) additionally contributes $1 million in reimbursement coverage for all plans, which is an added advantage that various other organizations provide credit protection only at an additional charge. 

Identityiq(IDIQ) is one of the most reputable companies in this entire industry that holds an astonishing experience with a solid identityiq customer service and support team that is based in the United States. The company took a transcending leap right after when its CEO Scott Hermann joined this organisation back in the year 2017. He brought in his 25 years of identity theft experience in the company and took it to new heights. The company Identityiq can be termed as the flagship label of Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ). Identityiq further owns two more products that are Data Breach IQ and My Score IQ. While the main operation of DataBreachIQ is devising, evaluating and restoration for companies that undergo a breach of data. On the other hand, the functioning of MyScoreIQ comprises the review of the credit reports and notifying the details obtained with Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) aggregates and statements.

IdentityIQ Official Website – Special Offer: 7 Days for $1 Only – Right Here 

At Identityiq, there are four distinct kinds of plans that grant protection from identity theft along with credit monitoring services. The primary and most fundamental plan offered by Identityiq is known as a Secure plan. This plan is priced at $6.99 for one month and the services included in this plan comprises of regular credit monitoring from one of the offices, along with this, the secure plan further offers a reimbursement of the stolen funds up to $ 1 million with a facility of choosing an expert or attorney in case of identity theft, some individual expenditure coverage, warnings for a threat to Social Security number, false ID theft security, dark web scans, file-sharing interface searches and assist if a person’s billfold is dissipated. 

Apart from this a secure plan also prepares statements on the checking accounts of a person, opt-out alternatives for spam mail and a list consisting of do-not-call numbers along with an identity restoration assistance that is based in the United States. 

The second plan offered by Identityiq is known as a Secure Plus plan. This monthly plan is priced up at $9.99 and it offers some extra features than those offered in the Secure plan. The services in the secure plus plan comprise of all the primary offerings of the Secure plan like regular credit protection and monitoring, reimbursements of stolen funds with a coverage amount of $ 1 million along with the option of choosing an attorney in a circumstance of identity theft, protecting from threats to a social security number, mail spam protection, dark web scans and a file-sharing interface searches.

However as this is a Secure Plus plan, there are a certain number of added benefits that makes it more attractive than a secure plan. In a Secure Plus plan, instead of one official report, the team at Identityiq renders a three office credit score and report for a more enhanced identity theft protection. In addition to this, a secure plus plan will also notify people whether there is a change in address of any location to further secure a person and answers the most pressing issue of “how to protect yourself from identity theft?” that is the same question that arises in the mind of every individual.

IdentityIQ Official Website Offer 7 Days for $1 Only – Right Here 

The third level of plan that is provided by Identityiq is regarded as a Secure Pro plan. This Secure Pro Plan is priced up at $19.99 monthly and it offers a lot more features than a Secure and Secure Plus plan. The services that are included in a Secure Pro plan comprises of semi-annual credit reports and statements that will be rendered by three offices, notifications if there is any alteration that took place in a person’s credit score along with a detailed report that will inform a person and make them aware about all the crimes or incidents that got committed or attempted to get committed in an individual’s name. 

The fourth and the most extensive identity theft protection services plan offered by Identityiq is termed as a Secure Max plan. A person can get this plan from Identityiq which is one of the most reputed credit monitoring companies and get an extended identity theft protection and a detailed credit score evaluation report. The monthly charges of a  Secure Max plan are $29.99 and in a Secure Max plan, a person will receive all the advantages of a Secure Pro plan like semi-annual credit reports from three offices and a detailed report on crimes that took place in their name. 

Along with this, a Secure Max plan further traces and stimulates the credit score of a person, presenting them with family security up to $25000 if an identity theft takes place, an option for choosing their preferred attorney in case of identity fraud and a three office credit score report and statements monthly. However, a person must note that all the plans offered by Identityiq, even the most fundamental Secure plan renders individuals with insurance coverage of up to $1 million in case of any identity theft along with an alternative to connect with the United States-based client support team anytime.

If a person is desirous of getting identity theft protection services from (IDIQ), then in that case they are required to do identityiq sign-in and create an account on and then choose a desired plan. A user intending to create an account and signing up must read all the Identityiq reviews that will present them with a better understanding as to what plan they must opt for depending upon their needs or what plans can suit them in the most appropriate manner. After identifying the suitable plan, the person can move ahead on the website and have a glance at the list of plans displayed on the website. They can evaluate and compare all the features of every plan and then proceed towards the payment gateway. 

IdentityIQ Offer: 7 Days for $1 Only – Right Here 

Right after making the payment of the desired plan, the person can click on the option which states “start membership”. Immediately after starting the membership, a person is required to fill in all the details that comprise of a person’s name, contact number and email address along with the person’s postal address, Social Security number, bank account details and all other relevant information that will allow this identity theft protection and credit monitoring service company to provide its patrons with the enhanced protection. 

Identityiq also sends email verification to present people with a two-factor authentication. For all those users who are hesitant in paying a huge amount upfront, Identityiq holds a special offer where they allow users to receive a free trial of their services and avail all the facilities for a period of seven days at the most affordable rate of $1. However, a person must hold in mind that this amount of $1 is not at all refundable. 

Choosing Identityiq as your identity theft protection and credit monitoring service company can be a great decision. What makes Identityiq different from other websites is their excellent patron assistance team that is a complete United States-based patron assistance team and this is that feature that renders an added advantage to Identityiq. The patron assistance team of this organization can be reachable anytime during the day or night 365 days a year. A person can either reach out to them over email or on identityiq phone number. Apart from this, the company provides around the clock credit monitoring and identity theft protection. 

The team at Identityiq takes safety quite earnestly. For providing an all-round and comprehensive security and monitoring process, Identity IQ has divided its working into the four major areas. This division of operations is the sole reason why this company is so efficient and quick in its assistance. The primary area on which the company focuses the most is credit score evaluation and monitoring. The main reason why Identityiq focuses more on this area because most of the individuals do not check their credit score regularly and due to this lack of scrutinization, there is a constant threat of cybercriminals or online fraudsters attacking this area and causing harm to the financial reputation of a person. 

IdentityIQ Official Website Exclusive 7 Days Trial For Only $1Right Here

The credit monitoring services provided by Identityiq assures that the credit protection report of an individual is monitored regularly and take preventive steps along with informing the user when they detect a change in the report or they feel that there might be something fishy. This regular monitoring can detect threats at an early stage and hence the harm would be less. 

The second and most essential area where Identityiq concentrates the most is Application review and monitoring. This application review and monitoring work similar to an application security software where it protects a person from all the online threats they are vulnerable to while using an online application like any business software, their social media accounts and all the website where the personal details of a person are required like their Social Security Number, bank account details and many more. 

Identityiq renders complete application monitoring and immediately informs the users if any of their data is used by any fraudsters or cyber-criminal. Protection from Dark web is the third area of focus by which Identityiq provides identity threat protection to an individual. A dark web is regarded as a platform where the data which is stolen and misappropriated online is purchased or sold. Identityiq considers this dark web as a big threat to a person’s data online and hence take remedial ways to prevent threats coming from this area. 

The last yet the most essential area on which Identityiq focuses the most is termed as Identity theft. Identity theft is a kind of offence where the data and information of a person are stolen online with a motive of causing financial harm to a person. As the incidents of identity theft are increasing day by day, people are moving towards making an investment in purchasing identity threat protection assistance. Identityiq is amongst the leading platforms which assists people with overcoming this problem of identity theft. The team at Identityiq keeps regular surveillance on its users’ account and identifies the criminals who do an offence of identity theft and further ensures that these criminals are behind the bars at the earliest possible. 

IdentityIQ 7 Days Trial For Only $1Right Here

Apart from all these four operations, Identityiq also gets a person covered if there is any data breach or data leak. The ultimate aim of this company is to curb all the identity theft and data breach issues. The crew at Identityiq works extremely strenuously to detect identity theft before it actually takes place. If at all a person suffers from a data breach or identity theft, then, in that case, Identityiq also holds various protection coverage, fraud insurance along with protection plans to a person’s family where the person can avail a risk cover amount up to $1 million as Identityiq understands that nowadays teenagers and kids spend most of the their time online and they are also equally prone to identity thefts as adults. The reviews of Identityiq have been amazing so far. People across the globe have relied upon Identityiq for receiving the most dependable and best identity theft protection and best credit monitoring services. 

In the present era of technological evolutions, it is imperative for a person to stay vigilant about the on-going identity theft crimes that take place in the world and further take preventive measures to ensure that no such crimes take place with them. Apart from staying vigilant, it is equally important to hire a professional agency who can take care of this concern on behalf of a person. If a person is ambiguous about which professional agency to choose for all this issue, then they must pick none other than Identityiq. 

Identityiq is one of the most prominent and best credit monitoring companies that take care of all the concerns of a person related to identity theft. They make the employment of various approaches to curb these offences with regular monitoring and they further keep a watchful eye on the dark web and the credit reports of a person. All these approaches implemented by Identityiq keeps a person au-courant with their online details so that a person does not require to get worried and can relish the satisfaction that comes when they know that their data is constantly secured. 

IdentityIQ Exclusive 7 Days Trial For Only $1Right Here

About is the most trustworthy source from which a person can collect details regarding the best identity theft protection services and free credit monitoring services that are present on the web. The main motive of the theft protection is to proffer individuals with the most accurate guidance in choosing the best platform for resolving all your identity theft concerns by evaluating each of them in the most meticulous manner. Every website showcased on theft protection is legitimate and have undergone a thorough screening and review process as the company always aims to provide individuals with the best they can rely on.

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