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Founders Legal® Law Firm Advocates for IP Rights at USPTO Examiner Training

Yuri Eliezer, head of the intellectual property group at Founders Legal®, presented to an audience of technology-focused patent examiners in Technology Center 3600, the division responsible for examining transportation, electronic commerce, construction, agriculture, licensing and review. Eliezer conveyed the many obstacles that small and medium technology enterprises (SME), like BoardActive, face when enforcing their patent rights.

Eliezer advocated for tech founders to have more of certain result when they are issued patents by the USPTO, emphasizing that BoardActive’s battle with larger patent infringers represents the difficult journey “of many of the smaller American companies who wish to confront multinational corporations just to respect their US patent rights.”

Concluding his presentation, Yuri thanked the examiners, stating that their “important work has downstream economic consequences for many Americans. Patent Examiners serve not only the USPTO, but also serve the American people who rely on this patent system to compete and promote human progress internationally.”

Asked what the key take away from his message should be, Yuri suggested that SME’s investment into the patent system should provide a certain return on their investment – and the challenges in SME’s journey towards patent enforceability should be largely addressed by the trained, qualified, and competent patent professionals at the USPTO.

About Founders Legal:
Founders Legal® (Bekiares Eliezer LLP) is a boutique Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Firm, representing thousands of businesses nationwide for corporate, data privacy, and intellectual property law. The firm offers a specialized focus on businesses providing software-as-a-service (Saas), enterprise software, advanced technologies, and information technologies (IT). Learn more:

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