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For shoppers the answers are in the stars

Purchases made on for watches (and most products) are for very specific features the customer desires.  The star ratings measure the prior customer’s level of satisfaction.  Does the watch (or other product) perform exactly as the customer is expecting?  As you will see in the graph below the answer is in the stars.

The curation on aims to enable the customer to love their purchase and avoid the hassle of returning unsatisfactory products.

The graph is the result of the data analysis.

Two videos are available on YouTube for a more in-depth discussion of Smartwatches for Men, and Smartwatches for Women.

Our analysis graphically quantifies the variance in satisfaction and dissatisfaction based on star ratings.  We use a 4-star product as the basis for our comparison since 4 Stars is generally considered good as evidenced by the fact that Amazon is opening physical retail stores with products that have 4 Stars & Above as can be seen in the image below of a recently opened store in Boulder, Colorado.

The first set of bars on the graph is a 4.0-star rating, 11.6 % of the ratings are one star indicating the customer was truly dissatisfied, and 56.10% are 5-star ratings where the customer is truly satisfied.

Jumping up to a 4.5 Star product the level of dissatisfaction drops to 4.7% and the 5-star level of satisfaction jumps to 74%.  The satisfaction level is 32% greater!

As you can see the level of 1-star reviews drops and the number of 5-star reviews as you step up the graph. On the Shop Page of the website is a curated list of the ten highest rated watches in each category.  The vast majority of the watches have a 4.7 or higher rating.  As you can see a 4.7 watch has 48% more 5-star ratings than a 4-star product.

This research was done specifically for watches on Amazon. curated watches in the following 8 categories.  Apple Watches, Watches for Men, Watches for Women, Smart Watches for Men, Smart Watches for Women G Shock for Men, G Shock for Women, and Watches for Kids.

The overall analysis resulted in less than 1% of all watches having a 4.5-star or higher rating.  Our decision to launch was to provide Amazon shoppers a curated site consisting exclusively of products that will have the highest level of satisfaction and the lowest level of dissatisfaction based on crowdsourced data-driven analysis reflected in the star ratings.  Watches are the first product category available on is quite different from the multitude of review sites on Google and YouTube.  All the others are the opinion of the reviewer.  We publish the results of hard data to validate the quality of the watches we are recommending.

Two videos are available on YouTube for a more in-depth discussion of Smartwatches for Men, and Smartwatches for Women.  

Contact: Victor Alhadeff, 1-206-612-7284, [email protected]

SOURCE Fourpointfiveplus

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