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First of its Kind Inclusive Search Filters That Challenge Industry Standards and Make Services More Accessible To All

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZibaHub, a Portland-based discovery platform for beauty and wellness providers, today announced the launch of Inclusive Beauty, a customer-serving side of the ZibaHub platform with an inclusive search filter that allow users to locate service providers based on skills, expertise, and shared values. Ziba’s Inclusive Beauty gives power back to the consumer by enabling users to discover beauty and wellness providers that fit their needs, meet their safety expectations relating to COVID-19, and align with their social values.

Locating service providers with shared values is no longer complicated. Whether it’s a non-binary patron interested in hair removal, a Black person looking for an experienced provider specializing in textured hair, or a Hijab-wearing individual seeking a private service area with modesty protocols, Ziba’s inclusion badges take the anxiety out of finding service providers by empowering users to find professionals with the expertise to serve their needs and the empathy to make them feel valued, and respected. Ziba’s COVID Provisions feature allows users to review safety protocols prior to booking to reinforce consumer confidence. 

Driven by its mission to provide beauty and wellness professionals with tech-enabled career tools that have been available to professionals in other industries, ZibaHub created a centralized platform for beauty professionals to showcase their experience and discover opportunities for work.

“Beauty professionals understand that ‘feeling safe’ means more to their customers than simply providing an environment that follows health codes and regulations. It means crafting a comforting experience that welcomes and supports the whole customer based on their personal and social choices, as well,” said ZibaHub Founder and CEO Mandana Salehi. “The vast majority of beauty professionals that we recently surveyed reported financial losses of 50 percent or greater compared to this time last year. Consumer confidence and bookings are dwindling because of safety concerns related to the pandemic. At the same time, we are experiencing a social reckoning that has allowed consumers to overtly seek out Black and BIPOC-owned businesses and purposefully funnel their support to places with social values that align with their own. These two events happening concurrently were the inspiration behind accelerating the release of Inclusive Beauty.”

Ziba also has several elements to empower beauty professionals including, a work board for commission jobs and lease opportunities, visual profiles that serve as digital resumes, and a calendar for industry events and education.

For more information on ZibaHub’s services, please visit

Ariana Donaville
ZibaHub Director of Communications
(510) 847-3845 (Cell)
[email protected]


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