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Exceptional CX: Sigma | PIMpoint Digital 2020


PIM systems, processes, and data have shifted drastically in importance the last five years, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. Expectations and standards are high for the value product information and data bring to commerce. Ongoing changes in regulations of data standards and traceability continue to keep organizations looking for solutions to optimize and solve these challenges. PIM has become a foundational business system, and a competitive differentiator in the ever-expanding market.

Customer experience is one of the key pieces that will make or break commerce practices, but organizations as a whole in the future. Listen in to the panel discussion on how Michelin transformed their customer experience and leveraged PIM to help streamline the people, process, and supporting technologies.

Panel includes Rémi Lancry, Data & Innovation Senior Manager at Micheli, Rikard Mäkitalo, Project Manager at Sigma, and Martin Steffensen, Business Solutions Architect at inRiver.

Attend this session to discover:

  • What an exceptional customer experience looks and feels like
  • How discovering and mapping the Michelin customer journey helped define outstanding customer experience
  • Key elements to become customer obsessed

Who should attend?

  • Anyone seeking to deliver a better customer experience
  • New and current customers looking to implement a PIM solution
  • Professionals working in a large or enterprise company
  • Current PIM users working in a complex environment that struggle with customer experience

This session is brought to you by:

Sigma, a PIMpoint Digital 2020 sponsor

Featured Speakers

Rémi Lancry
Data & Innovation Senior Manager at Michelin

Rikard Mäkitalo
Project Manager at Sigma

Martin Steffensen
Business Solutions Architect at inRiver

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