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October 8th

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Exceptional CX: Shift7 | PIMpoint Digital 2020


Manufacturers are facing significant disruption as a large portion of sales shift to eCommerce. They need to embrace digital experiences, eCommerce channels, and enabling technologies.

Join Shift7 as they dive into how they believe manufacturers can no longer rely on manual processes, and instead need to build scalable, flexible approaches to product information management that enable their own digital experiences and allow them to effectively showcase their product on online channels.

View this session to discover:

  • How your channel experience is a critical part of your customer experience
  • How you can accelerate your eCommerce channels to unlock growth like inRiver and Shift7 mutual client, SureWerx

This session is brought to you by:

Shift7, PIMpoint Digital 2020 sponsor

Featured Speakers

Andrew Walker, Shift 7

Andrew Walker
Chief Executive Officer at Shift7

Christian Wiltrout, SureWerx

Christian Wiltrout
Chief Executive Officer at SureWerx

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