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Ellipsis Health Announces Two Strategic Executive Appointments to the Company’s Advisory Board

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ellipsis Health, pioneer of the first commercial-grade voice-based vital signs to quantify and manage depression and anxiety symptoms at scale, today announced that it has added two experienced technology leaders to the company’s Advisory Board. Suzanne Frey, VP, Product, Android and Play Security and Privacy at Google, and Ashok Banerjee, former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Engineering and Enterprise Security at Symantec, bring decades of IT security experience to the board of veteran Silicon Valley executives who are working to ensure Ellipsis Health’s cloud-based machine learning algorithms and the HIPAA-compliant Rising Higher clinical decision support tool offer robust privacy features and secure technology design. 

Founded to help quantify and manage depression and anxiety symptoms at scale, patient and provider trust and safety are at the core of Ellipsis Health’s mission. To help inform clinical decisions for more individualized and meaningful patient care, healthcare providers must thoughtfully prescribe the Rising Higher solution to their patients to help identify behavioral health conditions in between clinical encounters. Recordings of patients’ natural speech are fed into the semantic and acoustic deep learning models and stored in encrypted form using the military grade AES-256 encryption method to protect the data from unauthorized users. For their understanding of the role of data privacy and security, Suzanne and Ashok are vital Advisory Board members to help ensure Ellipsis Health’s product policies and procedures are not only robust, but that the company is a leader in patient data security. 

“Ellipsis Health’s investment in privacy and compliance reflects how well they understand the responsibilities they bear as a custodian of some of the world’s most sensitive data,” said Suzanne Frey. “In my career as a steward of user trust and safety, I understand the vital role of blending a safe, compliant and technically-advanced solution with users. Privacy and security are core to this and everything Ellipsis Health affords to healthcare providers and their patients.”

Frey’s career experience includes nearly 14 years in leadership roles at Google focused on engineering, policy and security responsibilities. She serves on the Board of Directors at The Motley Fool and the Board of Trustees for Wellesley College and chairs the Audit Committee for both. Prior to Google, she spent more than a decade in large-scale global enterprise applications development, deployment and operations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College and Masters of Business Administration from Massachusetts Institute for Technology. 

“Machine learning and the data powering it are our greatest assets. Yet, if we fail to preserve its security and privacy, it can be our greatest liability,” explains Ashok Banerjee. “This data, which our customers trust us with, is unlike credit card data, as our health conditions are not readily changeable. The consequence of a breach of privacy around healthcare is irreversible. At Ellipsis Health, we have focused from day one on security and privacy of our platform with not only our best engineers but the industry’s leading experts.”

With more than 20 years of experience in product engineering with a focus on enterprise security, Banerjee was the former CTO Engineering and Enterprise Security at Symantec. He led their security and privacy processes across threat protection and information protection. Prior to Symantec, Ashok worked at Twitter to support their user growth platform, handled ecommerce for Flipkart and worked on Datawarehouse and analytics platforms for Google and their other industry leading products from Google’s Payment platform. He holds a BTech Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and a Master of Science from The University of North Carolina, Charlotte. 

“The Ellipsis Health executive team is proud to welcome Suzanne Frey and Ashok Banerjee to the Advisory Board, and we look forward to working closely with them as we continue to evolve data privacy and security for our Rising Higher offering,” said Mainul I Mondal, Founder and CEO of Ellipsis Health. “With trust being a cornerstone of our company, Ellipsis Health supports a trusted patient-to-provider relationship by enabling healthcare providers to extend their interactions with patients beyond the four walls of the doctor’s office in a safe and compliant way to improve health.” 

About Ellipsis Health

Ellipsis Health has pioneered an artificial intelligence-powered, speech-based vital sign to quantify and manage depression and anxiety symptoms at scale. With depression and anxiety symptoms impacting one third of Americans and costing the global society over $1 trillion dollars each year, Ellipsis Health’s integrated behavioral health solution helps healthcare providers and payors reliably identify and evaluate high-risk patient populations. Machine-learning algorithms assess patient speech through cloud-based deep learning models and generate an automated assessment of anxiety and depression symptoms for clinical decision support. To learn more about the HIPAA-compliant platform facilitating behavioral health screening or longitudinal monitoring of symptoms for depression and anxiety, please visit or contact Susan Solinsky, Chief Growth Officer, [email protected].

SOURCE Ellipsis Health

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