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Eastview Capital Launches Real Estate Investing Platform

“Our mission intentionally integrates detailed asset selection, comprehensive due diligence and nimble management capabilities,” said Daniel Drew, CEO of Eastview Capital. “Each offering has a distinct story and an investment structure tailored to match investor demand with sponsors’ capital needs. When these elements align, and we can invest with astute owners who are making material equity contributions. That’s when we get excited.”

Eastview Capital’s three current offerings are in top metros (New York, Phoenix, & Orlando) and have significant institutional sponsorship. The Eastview Capital website features a secure environment to review offering materials with an intuitive online investment process. Investment minimums are typically $5,000, and total raise amounts range from $1 to $5 million.  

Eastview’s offerings are generally exempt securities offerings under Regulation D, 506c of the Securities Act of 1933. North Capital Private Securities Corp. serves as the placement agent for securities offered on the Eastview Capital platform. 

Jim Dowd, CEO of North Capital, observed, “As a leading broker-dealer for online exempt offerings, we have witnessed explosive growth in private real estate deals. We are delighted to be working with Eastview Capital as they provide a vital service to investors and sponsors.”

About Eastview Capital

Eastview Capital’s mission is to identify, offer, & manage commercial real estate investments backed by capable owners with appealing assets. Our foundation is decades of underwriting, asset management, and trading expertise.

About North Capital

North Capital Private Securities Corp. (NCPS) is a leading broker-dealer for funding platforms and online direct issuers. NCPS is a member of FINRA and SIPC. 

SOURCE Eastview Capital

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