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Digital Investments Pay Off for Walmart in the Ecommerce Race.

Walmart overtook Apple last year to become the third-largest retailer in the U.S. Walmart continues to widen the gap in ecommerce sales recording a growth of about 33% ($27.81 billion) this year

This year, the big-box retailer will record a 4.6% share of the US ecommerce market and a 0.5% share of the total retail market, behind eBay and Amazon.

A strong holiday season helped fuel ecommerce sales for Walmart. Walmart used its expansive store footprint to drive click-and-collect purchases therefore a reported 131.9 million online users visted the site.

Amazon will retain its dominance of the US ecommerce market, commanding 47.0% of sales this year. Its ecommerce business will grow 20.4% to reach $282.52 billion. And the company now commands 5.1% of the total US retail market.

Even though Amazon’s growth rate is slowing as the platform matures, it is still in the double digits.

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