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DevOps Institute Releases The Assessment of DevOps Capabilities to Help Practitioners, Teams and Organizations Advance DevOps Journeys

Vendor-neutral assessment features a scorecard based on an empirical model that examines five core DevOps dimensions

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DevOps Institute, a global professional member association for advancing the human elements of DevOps, today announced the launch of a crowd-sourced, vendor-neutral Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC). The assessment is for individuals to assess their teams and organizations so as to baseline their current DevOps state, measure and accelerate continuous improvement during their DevOps journey.

ADOC is now available as an exclusive benefit to Premium and Enterprise Members. Learn more about the assessments at

The assessment model addresses five DevOps dimensions:

  1. Human Aspects
  2. Process and Frameworks
  3. Functional Composition
  4. Intelligent Automation
  5. Technology Ecosystems

“The Humans of DevOps are in urgent need of an empirical model that supports their goals to improve organizational performance through the practice of DevOps principles,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “They want to be able to measure their progress as their capabilities increase during their DevOps journey and know where to invest their time and energy. Our vendor-agnostic model empowers teams and enterprises to grasp what DevOps means to them and accelerate progress. We are pleased to make this available to the market.”

ADOC is available in two versions:

  1. Team ADOC: A compact, online version for Premium Members to self-assess their team’s current DevOps capabilities. After taking the assessment, members will receive a scorecard with their team’s results. This version is also available to Enterprise members for all employees in their organization, but does not provide team-to-team comparison reports.For a limited time (March 17 – March 31), Team ADOC will be available to Premium Members at an early-bird discounted rate of $149 (non-members pay $2,000 USD per assessment).
  2. ADOC for Enterprises: An expansive version for delivery online by DevOps Institute ADOC Consulting Partners to assess capabilities across multiple teams in enterprises of any size. ADOC for Enterprise offers interactive dashboards for workshop review. In its initial release, ADOC for Enterprises is available in a pay-per-use model starting at $15,000 USD for up to 500 participants.

To date, DevOps Institute has on-boarded several Enterprise ADOC partners, including:

“I have seen and worked on several assessment scales/surveys, and I have no hesitation in saying that ADOC is one of the best available out there,” said Anshul Lalit, Director of DevOps and Quality Management, Kongsberg Digital. “In ADOC, the value stream segmentation, human aspects, and realistic narrative make this assessment worth your time and effort. I highly recommend ADOC for those companies serious about their DevSecOps journey, maturity, and accelerating continuous improvements with increased quality, shift-left security strategies, improved time to market, and better stakeholder satisfaction.”

A team of 40 DevOps Institute Ambassadors collaborated on the model led by DevOps Institute’s Chief of Research, Eveline Oerhlich, and Chief Ambassador, Helen Beal. Ambassadors contributed their own extensive consulting expertise to the model, direct knowledge from client engagements, along with their own experiences in enterprises. Together the team offered over 600 years of DevOps practitioner experience to produce a model that:

  • Comprehensively assesses people, process and technology capabilities
  • Baselines current state and provides guidance for next target state
  • Allows continuous team and enterprise level assessment
  • Promotes DevOps principles and good implementation practices

DevOps Institute Ambassadors  who contributed to the ADOC include: Angel Nunez, Anshul Lalit, Aparna Balasundar, Arnaud Blandet,  Biswajit Mohapatra, BMK Lakshminarayanan, Bryan Finster, Daniel Gines, Deepak Dinakaran, Dinesh Sekar, Eric Chapman, Eric Robertson, Felipe Duenas, Heath Dorn, Hima Bindu Vejella, Houda Maaroufi, Jack Maher, Jeff Keyes, Jesus Rodriguez, Jimit Rangras, Jorge Luis Castro Toribio, Made Mulia Indrajaya, Mahesh Raut, Marc Hornbeek, Mark Peters, Mitesh Soni, Murthuja Shaik, Nadeem Augustine, Najib Radzuan, Peter Maddison, Romnick Acabado, Rose Dyson, Satyan Prakash, Savinder Puri, Siddharth Pareek, Soren Pedersen, Steve Pereira, Tracy Ragan and Uchit Vyas.

ADOC is a long-lived product from DevOps Institute which will continually be enhanced in line with feedback from the users and Consulting Partners. Future enhancements already on the roadmap include bolt-ons for SRE, DevSecOps, and the government vertical market.

“We are delighted to have ADOC available at the pre-launch of Premium Membership,” said Jason Baum, Director of Membership at DevOps Institute. “ADOC for Teams is a perfect example of the innovative and practical benefits members can access via DevOps Institute’s Premium Membership program.”

Learn more about DevOps Institute’s Premium Membership Pre-launch

About the DevOps Institute
DevOps Institute is a professional member association whose mission is to advance the human elements of DevOps.

We create a safe and interactive ecosystem where members can network, gain knowledge, grow their careers, lead and initiate, and celebrate professional achievements.

We inspire thought leadership and knowledge by connecting and enabling the global member community to drive human transformation in the digital age.

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