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Customer Spotlight Story: Living Spaces · inRiver


Despite widespread success with its brick-and-mortar stores, Living Spaces knows that beating market competition means adapting to the demanding world of consumer-driven digital commerce guided by new rules of engagement. To meet these new demands, Living Spaces added an EpiServer CMS system to its existing ERP system, creating a setup that seemed capable of supporting e-commerce goals.

But it wasn’t long before challenges started to emerge. As they built the e-commerce site out further, the ERP system wasn’t able to handle product information and creating web-specific attributes proved complicated. The ERP system also wasn’t well-suited for creating new filters for easier customer navigation, SEO optimization, or A/B testing of different products across the e-commerce site.

It simply took a long time and was too big of an effort from a lot of people in the company. In general, we needed to be more self-sufficient on the marketing and e-commerce side. To achieve that, we needed a system providing a single source of truth and offering value for anyone in marketing, merchandising, and IT.

Kevin Hunzker, E-Commerce Quality Assurance Analyst, Living Spaces

These challenges became prohibitive when Living Spaces decided to build a new version of its special orders system for customizing furniture online, offering more fabric options, and qualifying products. In the past, each item would have an assortment of fabric options assigned to it. Because they were all independent, Living Spaces would have 20 products each with 30 fabric options. As fabric went out of stock, changes had to be made manually so they wouldn’t appear on the website anymore.

We needed a better way of handling all our product information. A streamlined process. What we had was just incredibly manual.

Kevin Hunzker

To meet the needs of today’s consumers, Living Spaces needed a new approach to product information management.

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