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Customer Interview: ROCKWOOL | PIMpoint Digital 2020

Enjoy this session:


When global insulation manufacturer ROCKWOOL decided to implement a PIM solution, they were facing some familiar challenges: their data (and operations) were extremely decentralized, far too much work was being done by hand, and their various systems weren’t effectively integrated.

During this interview, ROCKWOOL gives us the inside scoop on how they overcame internal barriers, got buy-in for a centralized solution, and created a complex data model from scratch to better address local needs from a single information hub. They’ll also share their future PIM plans to ensure they can serve all their customers in the blink of an eye.

Takeaways you will gain from this session:

  • Incentivized the entire organization to adapt to their new PIM approach
  • Rolled out an advanced data model at a global scale
  • Overcame a “decentralized mindset” to run all their essential systems (PIM, ERP, DAM, CRM) centrally
  • Is using PIM as the foundation for all their product information

Who should watch this?

  • Professionals starting or optimizing their company’s digital transformation process
  • Manufacturers and retailers curious to know more about how PIM works with other systems like DAM and ERP
  • Anyone interested in learning how a PIM solution can simplify and streamline processes for large global organizations

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