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CUDDLY to Launch Innovative Identity Utility to Help Speed up the Pet Adoption Process in Partnership with globaliD; Gains Investment from Greg Kidd of Hard Yaka

Over 3,300,000 dogs and 3,200,000 cats are adopted annually from rescues and shelters nationally.  CUDDLY ID will become the easiest way to track and verify pet adoption applicants, helping to streamline and improve the process for their animal welfare partners. globaliD allows users to prove their identity and reputation for adoption purposes without compromising their personal information and documentation.

“The technology available today has the potential to improve this somewhat antiquated adoption process. By modernizing the lines of communication, our animal rescue partners can deliver animals into permanent homes sooner.  Utilizing the CUDDLY ID platform will eliminate needless delays created by clerical inefficiencies, potentially reducing the demand on partner resources and ultimately saving the lives of more animals.  Moreover, the use of machine learning can enhance the adoption counseling process connecting adopter and a pet, optimizing the selection process and potentially reducing the number of returns back to animal welfare organizations annually,” said John J. Hussey, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CUDDLY, Inc.

Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of globaliD and founding partner of the investment firm Hard Yaka, is a firm believer that one’s identity credentials should be truly portable and owned by individuals themselves rather than corporations or governments. Greg has acted as an advisor/investor for numerous startups including Ripple, Square, and Twitter.

“One of our primary objectives is to ensure that globaliD integration as quick, convenient, and seamless is possible, and a prime example of that is our partnership with CUDDLY and what they’ve been able to do with CUDDLY ID in such a short span of time,” said Greg Kidd, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of globaliD. “Digital identity has never been more critical; a smart and robust identity framework not only empowers individuals and institutions, it serves as a foundation for a stronger, better-connected society. It’s only natural then that the use cases for self-sovereign identity are limitless. In some cases that means powering global economic exchange. In others, such as with CUDDLY ID, it means creating a safer world for dogs up for adoption.”


CUDDLY, founded in 2014, is a leading technology solutions provider to animal welfare non-profit organizations.

As a for-good, for-profit startup, CUDDLY helps its sheltering partners give all animals a healthy life and a loving home. We enable animal rescues and shelters to improve their fundraising and operations by creating solutions to support the animals in their care. Through the CUDDLY fundraising platform, animal lovers can purchase products or donate in a modern, trusting, and transparent way at the animal specific level.

With over 1,400+ animal welfare organizations worldwide, CUDDLY’s mission is to help save more animals globally through community, innovation, and improved technologies.

About Hard Yaka

Hard Yaka  is an investment firm focused on portable identity, payments and marketplaces founded by Greg Kidd. Investments by Hard Yaka include Ripple, Coinbase, and Robinhood, among others.

Greg Kidd is the CEO and co-founder of globaliD, a venture-backed San Francisco-based portable identity platform and the former chief risk officer at Ripple. His work taking his own startup public (Dispatch Management Services) on the Nasdaq is book-ended by time at Booz Allen, Promontory, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. He was an initial investor and advisor for both Twitter and Square, and his investment firm Hard Yaka continues to back many fintech and regtech companies. His leadership pursuits include work at Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

About globaliD

globaliD  is a San Francisco-based technology company delivering industry-leading digital identity solutions. globaliD provides a trusted, convenient, and neutral single sign-on (SSO) platform that is globally accessible and tied to a universal namespace. globaliD’s portable identity solution enables anyone in the world to take ownership and control of their identity and their data while providing them secure and easy access to the products and services they desire. At globaliD, we believe that identity is a right and a responsibility. globaliD’s identity solutions have been recognized by the World Economic Forum and the Brookings Institute.


Media Contact:
Bridget Bowhay
Director of eCommerce Partnerships, CUDDLY
(562) 430-8191 ext. 103


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