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Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital provides Notice of Data Incident

MERIDIAN, Idaho, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Hospital (“Cottonwood Creek”) is providing notice of a recent cyber-security incident so that potentially affected individuals may take additional steps to protect their personal information, should they feel it appropriate to do so.

On or around September 27, 2020, Cottonwood Creek observed unusual activity on certain systems. Upon discovering this activity, Cottonwood Creek began an investigation, including working with third party forensic specialists, to identify the source of the activity and determine its impact on Cottonwood Creek affiliated systems.  The investigation determined that certain files were potentially accessible on a system that may have been subject to unauthorized access between September 24, 2020 and September 27, 2020.  Upon determining that certain files may have been accessible on the impacted system, Cottonwood Creek began a review of these files to learn what might have been accessible at the time of this incident.

Cottonwood Creek immediately undertook a comprehensive review of the contents of the impacted files, to identify anyone who may have personal information within the potentially impacted data. Cottonwood Creek’s investigation cannot determine specifically what files, if any, were actually viewed by the unauthorized actor(s), but the review recently indicates that names and certain information of some individuals were present. This review was completed on March 11, 2021. Cottonwood Creek is mailing notices to those individuals whose information was present. 

While, to date, the investigation has found no evidence of actual or attempted misuse of the information present in the potentially impacted files, Cottonwood Creek’s review determined that the documents affected by this incident may include some combination of the following types of information: name, date of birth, medical history, treatment information, provider information, patient identification number, and health insurance information.

The confidentiality, privacy, and security of personal information within Cottonwood Creek’s custody is among its highest priorities.  Cottonwood Creek is taking steps to further strengthen the security of its information systems. Cottonwood Creek also continues to review its security policies and procedures as part of its ongoing commitment to protect and maintain information security. Cottonwood Creek is providing a dedicated call center to those who may be impacted to learn more and is also offering them access to credit monitoring as well as general guidance on how to protect against identity theft and fraud.   Impacted individuals can learn more by contacting us at (833) 416-0845 (toll free), Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm ET.

SOURCE Haven Behavioral Healthcare

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