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Claris and Qwasar launch low-code app developer training program

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Claris International Inc., an Apple subsidiary, today announced the launch of the Claris App Developer Training Program in partnership with software training provider Qwasar Silicon Valley. This 9-month training program provides learners the opportunity to develop coding and low-code app development skills using Claris FileMaker. The program is designed to open career paths in one of technology’s fastest-growing sectors while helping close the technical skills gap.

“Closing the massive IT skills gap facing so many businesses and increasing diversity in the tech industry can’t happen without broader access to training and technology,” Claris CEO Brad Freitag said. “Qwasar and Claris are both committed to removing barriers by combining solid workforce education with a low-code platform that helps strengthen learners’ skills in app development.”

The program focuses building both technical and business skills to prepare students for practical real-world application development. Training begins with an in-depth, full-stack programming curriculum, followed by an introduction to Claris FileMaker so participants gain valuable low-code skills, and completes after students learn about Claris Connect, used for creating automated workflows.

Training also features gamification and peer review to motivate and engage students in giving and receiving feedback. Working with tools and languages, such as Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL, an IDE, Shell environments, and Claris’ own platform, participants learn and develop practical problem-solving skills while gaining real software development experience that employers are looking for.

To foster collaboration, the program includes the opportunity for individuals to join diversity-focused cohorts, with the aim of building diverse and inclusive communities for learners to work together and support one another.

“We’re committed to closing the skills gap by training developers instilled with best practices and technical ability in software development,” said Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder and CEO at Qwasar. “We’re honored to work with Claris because their community is one of the longest-standing and most vibrant in low code. Creating accessible career on-ramps that are skills-based and train to industry standards is part of our mission and our efforts as a Black and woman-founded company to do what we can to fuel diversity in tech.”

Throughout the program, students are part of the Qwasar learning community and join virtual meetings 1-2 times per week. Participants then complete six weeks of projects focused on low-code development using Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect before moving on to a final, internship-like project with a mentor from the Claris Community. This gives students the opportunity to develop their technical portfolio before applying for jobs and internships. Everything about the program is designed to develop skills and the ability to perform, not just knowledge and regurgitation, increasing an employee and learner’s value to their organization.

Availability and pricing

At a cost of $50 per month, the training program aims to be accessible while still facilitating a solid commitment to learners. With nearly 11M Americans out of work, this program offers students and job seekers a significant opportunity to build their technical and soft skills and gain an edge in the job market.

Aspiring low code developers interested in applying to Qwasar and learning Claris FileMaker, submit applications to:

About Claris International Inc.

Claris International Inc. is the creator of the world’s leading rapid, low-code development platform, offering a suite of services that drive digital transformation in companies from every business sector. Best known for its FileMaker app development solution, the company has more than 1 million active users globally across SMBs and the Fortune 500. Claris is an Apple subsidiary with an unmatched record of business success for more than 20 profitable years. Claris is headquartered in California with operations worldwide, including London, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney. 

About Qwasar Silicon Valley

Qwasar Silicon Valley is a global leader in technical skills development for in-demand fields in digital careers and the only innovative, project-based learning platform designed for adult learners. Infused with automations, data, and advanced learning science, the Qwasar platform is one of the most advanced skills-based learning platforms in the world. Qwasar was founded in 2019 by education veteran Kwame Yamgnane, co-founder of 42, edtech marketer Jennifer Robertson, and AI startup founder Gaëtan Juvin. 

SOURCE Claris International Inc.

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