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Center Introduces New Customizable Policy Controls to Its Center Expense Software

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Center, a technology company helping businesses manage and optimize spending, today announced the availability of new Customizable Policy Controls in its real-time Center Expense software. With Customizable Policy Controls, including the Dynamic Approvals feature released last fall, organizations can track expenses exactly the way they want, without the need for custom coding or costly professional services.

“We developed Customizable Policy Controls because every organization’s expense process is unique, whether it needs to account for billable expenses, track costs by location, or create complex approval workflows,” said Center CEO Naveen Singh. “Now, with Center Expense, finance teams can easily set up policies, track custom expense attributes, and report on the exact information they need using a simple interface that requires no coding or outside consulting.”

Track Expenses Your Way
With Center Expense’s new Customizable Policy Controls, finance teams capture all the information they need for accounting accuracy, and they can implement policies and approval workflows that reflect their organizational structure. For example, finance teams can require additional expense details from spenders depending on the expense category or cost center, or route all billable expenses to project managers for review.

These features are especially helpful in the construction, manufacturing, professional services, and non-profit sectors, who need to track expenses by project, job, client, grant, or other categories. Organizations who set up their expense workflows with Customizable Policy Controls gain real-time visibility into their spend, helping keep projects on budget and ensuring all billable expenses are captured and documented for reimbursement.

“It used to be that finance teams had to choose between high-end, customizable enterprise software, which usually required lengthy professional services contracts, or less expensive, less customizable solutions to manage expenses,” said Singh. “Center Expense gives organizations with complex expense processes the powerful flexibility of enterprise software, in a cost-effective model.”

Center has transformed our processing of expenditures from a multi-touch, paper intensive process to a solution that is easy to use by our office and field staff alike,” said Mike Jacisin, CFO of Groome Industrial Services, a specialty maintenance services provider based in Fairfield, NJ. “With Center, we can track expenses and route approvals to managers by job number. Importing that information by GL account and job number into our accounting system is very straightforward. Overall, the ability to customize Center with fields and workflows has had a transformative impact on Groome’s financial operations.”

Key Benefits of Customizable Policy Controls
Customizable Policy Controls make it easy for organizations to create custom expense management processes that match their accounting systems and policies, ensuring accurate data capture, better project tracking, and streamlined workflows. Benefits include:

  • Simplified Expense Reporting – Employees spend less time filling out expenses because context-specific workflows ask only for the details that matter, depending on the spender, department, or expense category.
  • Job Cost Accounting – Track all job and project-related expenses plus supporting details to keep project spend within budget.
  • Billable Expense Tracking – Identify all recoverable expenses and easily produce expense documentation and receipts for client billing or grant reporting.
  • Immediate Reporting – Drill down into expenses by job, project, grant, etc., and share real-time reporting on custom fields with key stakeholders.
  • Financial Accuracy – Automatically book to your ERP correctly the first time. No more manually adjusting GL files in Excel or double-booking transactions.
  • Streamlined Accounting – Eliminate manual accounting tasks, like adjusting entries and manual expense coding, with customizable expense fields, selection lists, and approval workflows.
  • Easy Customization – Set up Center Expense to match your ERP configuration, implement policy flags and custom fields, and create workflows, all within a simple-to-use, no-code interface.

“Accurate and timely data is critical to any finance team,” continued Singh. “Our new controls integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and help businesses transform every step of the expense management process.”

For more information on Customizable Policy Controls, visit

About Center
Center ID Corp., doing business as Center, helps organizations thrive by getting the most of every dollar–and hour–spent. With its integrated corporate card and expense software, Center uses real-time data to track spend as it happens for better visibility, spend insights, and cost savings. Center is based in Bellevue, Washington. For more information on Center, please visit

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