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Best Free VPN Online Service for PC, iPhone, Windows, Android and Mac For 2021 by VPN Experts

NEW YORK, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing the best free trial VPN Online services for iPhone, PC, Windows, Android and Mac for maximum secure & fast connection for 2021 by

VPN Experts is a web and recommendations digital platform application that has worked hard to determine the best VPN services irrespective of the user’s location. They work judiciously to include honest evaluations of the best free VPN providing secure connections. They checked all these best VPN services and offered truthful perspectives and figures. They have curated a list of the best VPN service providers for 2021.

The Best Free VPN Services for 2021:

ExpressVPN – Best Overall VPN Service Super-fast, Reliable & Secure

NordVPN – Best VPN for iPhone

Surfshark – Best VPN for PC And Windows

CyberGhost – Best VPN For Android

ExpressVPN – Best Overall VPN Services

ExpressVPN Super-fast, reliable & secure. Great for HD/4K streaming. Chrome, Firefox & Edge extensions. 24/7 live chat support.  For a long time, ExpressVPN seems to be at the peak of the best free VPN list, and it’s simple to see why. In every test ExpressVPN faced, it impressed VPN-Experts. It starts right from the start, as the user can instantly see that ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers throughout 94 countries and 160 sites, which they can choose from.

ExpressVPN already surged ahead of the VPN pack by 2020, boasting fast speeds and a good reputation for security and reliability. Its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for beginners learning about VPNs. And its multiplatform usability broadens its appeal to a broader audience. Its slightly higher-than-average costs, beginning at $6.67 every month, are more than justified by these factors.

These five synchronous connections should be more than enough for many other users, even though many of the other VPNs on this listing enable more. That may be one reason they became more associated with the level of speed loss, which is usually half or less for several VPNs. ExpressVPN is also available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, smart TVs, Xbox, and routers, and also great applications for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and customized Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Try ExpressVPN 30 Days Risk-Free –  Start Your Trial Today

ExpressVPN has used industry-standard authentication and a number of other standards, namely IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec, to keep data protected. But perhaps the most appealing thing is that it has now started carrying out its Lightway protocol, which strives to improve speed and reliability.

Over the course of three days, VPN experts conducted their ExpressVPN speed checks, using both wireless and Ethernet connections. In the US, Internet speeds differ widely by state and supplier. And the results of every speed test were going to be based on their local networks, with hyperfast internet access yielding faster test results. That’s one explanation why they were more concerned about the rate of speed reduced, which is generally half or so for many Vpn services.

In ExpressVPN’s case, the 2020 studies indicated a 52 percent speed loss compared to its unsurpassed 2% speed loss in 2019. There is no doubt ExpressVPN is crowned with the speediest network. However, during the 2020 testing, their non-VPN speeds averaged 193 Mbps, and ExpressVPN’s global overall average speed was 93 Mbps. Peak speeds of around 122 Mbps were registered between Frankfurt, Paris, and Berlin when it came to European connections.

With high speeds of 101 Mbps for Australia and 86 Mbps for the UK, Australia outperformed the UK. However, with such a single win of the UK’s 157 Mbps especially in comparison to the best individual performance of 136 Mbps in Australia, the UK has this better overall high score of the two. At 89 Mbps, Singapore’s scores also outperformed the UK’s by just three points. US scores were where the ExpressVPN rates were taken down: despite a single test round of up to 134 Mbps, United States speeds ranged just 66 Mbps.

VPN Expert’s results appeared to be consistent. ExpressVPN was contacted to find out why this is causing the recent speed drops. The company looked into it and said some of its in-house experiments used OpenVPN protocol to see speeds between 200 and 275 Mbps.

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An ExpressVPN agent had said broadband failure was caused by network saturation between the ISP and the network infrastructure when asked about the cause. According to the spokesperson, the results were typical.

For newcomers, ExpressVPN is easy to handle and is simple and intuitive. It’s easy, kudos to fast connections between servers in different countries. And, in the OpenVPN tests, the aforementioned Lightway option could make things even better.

ExpressVPN is easy to use for both experts and novice users to set up and run, from desktop and tablet to TV streamers and browser extensions.

For many people looking for such a VPN, everything narrows back to how efficient the vendor is at unblocking blocked websites/services and getting around TV streaming barriers. Without a hitch, ExpressVPN enabled international streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney.

Take ExpressVPN for a Free Test Drive – Right Here

Key ExpressVPN features include effective DNS leak security, radar jammers (both application-specific and system-wide), and browser proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Bitcoin, PayPal, even credit cards too are approved as methods of payment. And it is also robust in unblocking Netflix and other services, although to access iPlayer, Brits overseas have to resort to a workaround.

In terms of extra functions, ExpressVPN reaches over and above. Bitcoin transactions, peer-to-peer (P2P) support, a kill switch, DNS breach security, good and reliable performance, and independent auditors have all verified a transparent no-logging policy. 

It’s also worth hearing about the outstanding levels of customer service from ExpressVPN providers. Their help website has comprehensive guides and tutorials. And if the client has any issues, to answer the client’s questions, live chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ExpressVPN excels at sheer server number, boasting a whopping 5,000 servers. that is approximately 60 countries, and allowing one more connection at six at the same time. ExpressVPN has become a fast VPN service. This is the fastest Vpn available in almost every scenario. ExpressVPN’s 1 monthly money-back policy allows consumers to take advantage of the free offer.

Visit ExpressVPN Official Website

Surfshark – Best VPN for PC And Windows

Fast VPN streamlined for beginners. Strong encryption & privacy features. Chrome & Firefox extensions. 24/7 live chat support. Relative virtual private network newbie Surfshark hit the market in 2018. It moved quickly to establish itself against its older and more readily known peers as a competitive VPN alternative. Despite having a smaller server fleet than NordVPN or ExpressVPN, the up-and-comer VPN boasts impressive speeds at a lower cost. It also has more add-ons for configurable privacy than trustworthy providers like IPVanish.

VPN Experts suggest Surfshark because of its robust security features, privacy-friendly jurisdiction, and fast speeds.

Although Surfshark’s network is smaller than others, their functionality and speed of the VPN service make up for it. Let’s start with the biggest win that it offers- unlimited support for smartphones. The user does not have to think about how many computers they have on or connected to if they want to run their whole home or office on Surfshark’s best VPN service. As part of its applications, it also provides antimalware, ad-blocking, and tracker-blocking.

Surfshark VPN – 7 Days Free Trial – Visit Surfshark Official Website

There is no getting away from the fact that Surfshark’s barely probable pricing is the key draw here. Sign up for the annual plan and pay less than $2.50 USD / £2 GBP / $3.50 AUD for the effective monthly rate. 

But this British Virgin Islands-based VPN’s success is not solely based on cost. VPN Experts also gave credit to Surfshark’s laid-back and playful branding. It helped make a potentially scary-sounding piece of software seem like a very user-friendly product.

And it’s swift. During VPN Expert’s most recent speed checks, they lost less than 17 percent of average internet speeds with more than 3,200 servers in 65 nations. That is faster than the 27 percent speed loss VPN Expert saw in previous tests and drives it in their speed comparisons ahead of ExpressVPN to be the new front-runner.

On US connections, Surfshark averaged 204Mbps. During the UK and European testing, it outperformed its peers, averaging 165Mbps and 171Mbps in each, respectively. The average speed in Australia was 126Mbps, followed by 142Mbps in Singapore. According to VPN experts, they haven’t seen these speeds from any VPN they’ve tested so far.

Surfshark – like ExpressVPN above – may be the perfect VPN for the user if they are someone who is easily confused and, eventually, put off by complicated menus and endless options. It keeps its interface free of complications and completely stripped back. All the users that they will actually see are ‘Fast attach’ and ‘All locations’ options, followed by a Settings icon, and really nothing else at all. Whether that degree of detail (or lack of it) is a boon or a detriment depends entirely on the user’s viewpoint.

Looking for a free VPN? Take Surfshark for a test drive instead: Right Here

All told, Surfshark is all business when it gets to keep the user and their online identity secure. The new Town WireGuard protocol has now been applied to its OpenVPN UDP and TCP and IKEv2 options. In addition, with a double VPN jump, Surfshark features a private DNS and an extra security blanket. VPN Experts found that it successfully unblocks geo-restricted access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and others.

The two-year subscription plan for the company costs $3.71 a month, $89 billed at once. That price is lower than most contenders, but for the six-month program, i.e., $9 a month or $64 total, and $11.95 per month, as the monthly plan builds up. But it does have a full 30-day policy on refunds. Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee will allow the user plenty of time to give it a shot for a longer duration before committing.

Surfshark has no data limits and enables torrenting and unlimited server switching. I had no trouble accessing Netflix with it as well. It provides unregulated simultaneous connections in a rare step for a VPN. In an intuitive, easy-to-use guide that has recently undergone a revamp, this feature is wrapped up.

Users can pay via PayPal, Alipay, or Bitcoin along with credit or debit and be assured of a 30-day money-back guarantee. The platform provides live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a large range of support articles and tutorials.

But where does Surfshark lose points? These days ExpressVPN and NordVPN have managed to dramatically increase their server speeds while Surfshark’s having remained just fine. Surfshark is also falling behind when it comes to auditing its no-logging policy. Back in 2018, it had a partial one done.

Visit Surfshark Official Website

NordVPN – Best VPN for iPhone

Fast speeds, solid privacy & security features. Ad-blocker included. Chrome & Firefox extensions. 24/7 live chat support. NordVPN is among the most excellent VPN brands in the industry. It has a large number of simultaneous connections, with six available on its network, relative to virtually all other providers’ five or fewer. NordVPN always offers a dedicated IP option for some who are looking for a higher level of VPN connectivity. NordVPN has a kill switch and the ability to link to torrent via VPN. During VPN Expert’s checks, they found no proof of privacy violations.

In just about every area, NordVPN’s current product matches or beats almost all of the competition. In the most recent round of testing, it has improved dramatically again. It is not far behind ExpressVPN in its pursuit of the award for best VPN service.

The jump up in the rankings is chiefly due to the provider’s launch of the custom NordLynx protocol. It has helped to make the link speeds of NordVPN much faster and more stable, even from more distant servers.

Try NordVPN 30 Days Risk-Free – Start Your Trial Today

It’s no wonder that NordVPN has over 59,000 ratings on the App Store, with a 4.6-star rating, and 132,871 reviews on the Google Play Store, with a 4.4-star rating. 

The server speed might be new and enhanced, but VPN Experts have been impressed for some time now by the levels of security NordVPN has to offer. When the user is on public Wi-Fi or, perhaps, torrenting, it’s handy to know where the user’s internet anonymity is essential.

During VPN Expert’s research, NordVPN’s overall average pace was 91Mbps in a dataset with 194Mbps as an average speed of non-VPN. A VPN is known to reduce a user’s connection speed by half or even more. However, the unique background here is that NordVPN never falls below 85Mbps across the averages of VPN Expert’s five test zones. It’s still one of the most reliable, secure VPNs.

At 98Mbps, Singapore took the lead in the research averages, while UK speeds edged out Europe by a narrow breadth. UK connections spiked at 99.93Mbps, ahead of German and French bonds, which averaged 91.90Mbps. NordVPN had another close call, with Australia edging out the United States, 88Mbps to 86Mbps.

NordVPN – Start Your 30 days Trial Today Right Here

In one of NordVPN’s endless blogs, the measures to be followed are all outlined in the helpdesk blogs. Not only are they abundant, but these guides are also helpful. And if the clients still struggle, there is a bot available, as well as excellent live customer care services 24X7.

If VPN Experts have one complaint, it is with the user interface that NordVPN supplies. VPN experts questioned whether NordVPN had done adequate user research because cities were not listed or did not appear when searched for. That’s particularly the case when it comes to its otherwise productive mobile applications. These are, however, pretty small minus points.

NordVPN has no data limits and enables torrenting and an infinite number of server switches. We had no trouble accessing Netflix with it. However, unlike other rivals, the user can only run six devices on a single subscription.

There are also no data constraints with NordVPN, so the user can freely swap servers and torrents. Netflix was available to them without difficulty. However, unlike other rivals, a single subscription only enables the user to cover six devices at once.

Premium services and an exclusive two-year deal are among the choices offered by NordVPN in excellent value. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the user wants to give the service a spin before they plan to commit.

Since the world of VPNs is moving at a rapid rate, to report better overall buying value, we would like to see NordVPN’s steep discounts extended laterally to all its contracts. If NordVPN were not already a long-standing market pioneer with a long history, this would be a critique. As it stands, the best rate is at $3.71 a month, a 68% discount, billed for $89 once every two years, via its two-year contract. However, NordVPN does offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

NordVPN no longer supports PayPal. However, the user can still pay with a credit card or a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, AliPay, WeChat Payments, iTunes, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or UnionPay.

Visit NordVPN Official Website

CyberGhost – Best VPN For Android

Fast speeds & strong privacy features. Anonymous dedicated IP addresses. Ad-blocker included. Chrome & Firefox extensions. 24/7 live chat support.

VPN Experts also lauded CyberGhost in its list of competitive features in CNET’s prior coverage of virtual private networks. Last year, VPN Experts’ in-depth review of CyberGhost included speed checking, verification of security, and an overview of its full suite of privacy tools. Since then, CyberGhost has expanded its number of servers. It is ready to introduce new privacy tools, all while staying one of the cheapest VPNs. VPN Experts have reviewed CyberGhost that turned out to be a three-year plan of $2.25 per month.

Try CyberGhost 45 Days Risk-Free – Start Your Trial Today

Support with VPN For some time now, CyberGhost has been a firm favorite of ours, and it is no wonder that it has a user base of more than ten million subscribers. With more than 6,500 servers spread across 90-odd countries, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android apps, torrents allowed, and speedy live chat support, the company covers the basics well.

If the user is one who uses the VPN on a Windows desktop or laptop to a large degree, that is where CyberGhost really shines. A sea of incredible characteristics and features lies underneath its tidy, easy-to-follow interface. If the user is explicitly searching for a stream or torrent, it will link them to the right server.

VPN Experts have improved their method for giving VPN feedback in recent months. However, several red flags have been raised by CyberGhost. The history of its parent company warrants skepticism. VPN Expert’s earlier studies have shown that CyberGhost exposes ISP clients to their use of VPNs. Its trackers for websites and apps are more numerous than needed. Its ad-blocker employs an unreliable form of traffic management that no VPN can even imagine. Previously, its low price made it worth considering whether the user had to adjust the appearance of the user’s position online, but not if they wanted best-in-class protection.

And additional touches, such as its Smart Rules screen, indicate that CyberGhost engineers have really put some thought into the user interface. It allows the user to automatically connect a specific app, such as the user’s default browser in incognito mode, to the user’s favorite server when the user’s device starts up. It is actually a considerate added bonus.

That’s not to say that there are inadequate smartphone apps – they just don’t quite hit the same degree of wow-factor. In particular, the iOS app feels a little too stripped down to make inroads on the VPN Expert’s strongest countdown on free VPN for iPhone.

CyberGhost Start Your 45 days Free Trial Today Right Here

The link speed and security of CyberGhost seem to be improving. However, if the user is in a country where VPNs are illegal, VPN Experts currently do not recommend using CyberGhost. VPN Experts also recommend that everyone in the US check the parent company of CyberGhost before deciding whether to pay for a subscription.

Unblocking the website is actually successful here, with Netflix, Hulu, the userTube causing VPN Experts no unlocking problems overall. But VPN Experts only needed to spend a bit of time mentioning the speeds shown by CyberGhost in their most recent tests. They had seen some link speeds that give NordVPN and ExpressVPN a run for their cash even before they jumped on the WireGuard protocol. While further away, such as in New Zealand, CyberGhost started to lag a little behind.

However, on the plus side, CyberGhost is still faster than Norton Safe VPN. It was less taxing during testing on the processing power of the VPN Expert’s computer. In its Windows client, it also provides split-tunneling and has its servers neatly grouped into user-friendly categories: NoSpy servers, torrent-oriented servers, streaming servers, and static IP address servers. No data limits are enforced by CyberGhost and allow unlimited server switching. 

Visit CyberGhost Official Website

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