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Best Free Psychic Reading Online by Psychic-Experts.Com

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Psychics Reading Near Me: How to Find the Best Free Psychic Reading Online Available in Your City according to Psychic Experts latest reports.

Ranking the few of the best online sites for a psychic reading based on the accuracy of their prediction, fortune-telling, and love tarot reading as per the latest report published on, the best alternative for finding a “psychic near me”.

Click Here to Check Out the Top-Rated Psychic Website

In 2021, the market for online fortune telling, tarot reading, and “psychic reading near me” is being spearheaded by Psychic Experts. The Psychic Experts analyses and publishes the sites that offer accurate predictions and are true to their words. The sites are also ranked by their ease of accessibility. These listed websites provide trusted and accurate psychic reading online by real psychic readers via phone call, video chat, or live chat and founded has much better experience then visiting a psychic near me in the neighborhood.

3 Best Free Psychic Reading Sites of 2021:

Kasamba – Best for love psychics reading offering 3 free minutes + 70% off on first reading session.

Psychic Source – Best phone psychics readings for career advice & financial outlook and tarot reading online, anonymous & secure, offering 3 free minutes plus 75% off for first reading session.

Keen Psychic – Most accurate psychic reading online providing guidance on big life decisions offering 10 Minutes for just $1.99,

Kasamba – Best Overall Psychic Reading Platform

Great for: Online psychic reading regarding your love life

Type of Readings: psychic chat, psychic call, or through an e-mail

Specialties: Tarot card readings, guidance with career path, horoscope and astrology, love readings

Special offer: First three minutes is free and 70% discount on some 

With more than 20 years of experience, Kasamba has been running the business of connecting people with psychic online requests with the appropriate professional through their website. The selection process for becoming a fortune-teller on this website is through a meticulous procedure. This highly detailed procedure ensures that the psychic reader has all the proper qualifications and the necessary certificates that make them eligible for the post. Kasamba also looks for efficiency in their work and are experienced in the chosen specialization.

Click here to visit Kasamba.  

Only the readers that qualify all the eligibility criteria are added to the extensive database of Kasamba. All the fortune-tellers and the advisors are given a profile of their own. This allows the user to access the profiles of many different advisors when they are on the Kasamba website. The profile includes the reviews and the ratings that are left by the previous user along with the experience and the basic details of the psychic reader along with their specialization. The profile also shows the pricing and the availability of the reader on different platforms.

The reviews help the new user to decide which reader will be able to satisfy their specific needs. The reviews are also a benchmark of the quality of the service provided by the psychic reader. In short, the ratings and review system allows the users to make an educated guess while selecting a psychic reader with a certain specialization.

Via phone psychics, call psychics and chat psychics one can get the answers to the even most intriguing questions at Kasamba. The psychic experts are available 24 hours for an online session. Users or customers can set up the meeting via a phone call, mail, online chat, or even video call. Kasamba features a unique feature of allowing the user to mail the reader for an online session. Kasamba ensures its users get the best service of a psychic reader regardless of their location and situation. 

Kasamba Psychic Reading – 3 Minutes Free + 70% Off – Right Here 

Kasamba also provides many different filter options on their website to help the users with searching for exactly what they need. The features provided in the filter options allow the user to sort the psychic readers according to various parameters such as ratings, their experience, rate, and specialization. The filter also offers options such as chakra cleansing and even more narrow specialization such as love tarot reading.

Kasamba is well known for the cheap rates that it provides on its websites. The rates for a session start at $1.99 for 10 minutes. The lower rates are attractive for people who are new to the world of psychic reading online and want to have a proper viable experience before investing a large sum of money. To ensure that the user experience is pleasant, Kasamba provides exclusive as well seasonal offers for its new users. These offers may also include discount codes and free trial options. These offers also reward the loyal members of the website that are regular users.

They specialize in tarot card readings, astrology, helping with a career path, and other love-related readings. They also have special offers that offer discounts up to 70%. 

More about Kasamba can be found on the official website – Right Here

Psychic Source Most Accurate Love Readings

Great for: Financial advice, online tarot reading and guidance with career path

Type of Readings: psychic chat, psychic call, or through psychic video call

Specialties: coping with loss and grief, energy healings, career guidance, love life reading, tarot reading

Special offer: 75% discount offers and the first three minute are free

Psychic Source has an enormous user base owing to its 30 years of service. Hundreds of fortune-tellers, diviners, numerologists are on this website and have specialization in varieties of fortune-telling arts. Psychic Source provides fortune-telling services through chat physics, love physics, phone physics, and more with high accuracy. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Psychic Source provides to their best of abilities and provides the user with various options. The website also provides a smooth app experience that can be downloaded from the Google Play Stores of the iOS App Store. With easily accessible and easy-to-navigate tabs, the app provides all the features of the website.

Click here to Visit Psychic source.  

Psychic Source values its bond with the customers the most. Psychic Source offers the new user a chance to verify these claims for themselves to gain their trust. They do so by providing a free trial service for three minutes. The free trial service is provided to the new customer, then the customer can decide whether they liked the service or not. If they liked the service, they can choose to continue the paid version of the service. The users have to create an account on their website to be eligible to avail of this service. The signing up process is very nifty without requiring any sensitive information.

The only extra detail that the users have to mention after signing in is the mode of their preferred payment method. They can either add money to the wallet that is available on the website or choose from a variety of different options such as debit cards, credit cards, or other digital wallets like PayPal. Although the users are provided with a bunch of different options, the safest option will be to add the money to the wallets available on their website, as doing so is the safest option as one will not have to enter the sensitive bank information every time they want to avail a service. The users have the option of adding anywhere between $10 and $100 to their wallets. They can then use this money on their sessions.

One can begin their session once the login process is complete. The fortune-telling session is free for the first three minutes. Once this free trial is over, the user can decide whether they want to continue this session and pay the rate of the diviner or choose some other service of their liking.

Psychic Source – 3 Free Minutes Psychic Readings + 75% Off – Right Here  

Psychic Source ensures that the information provided by their clients is kept private and secure. The information provided by the users is stored in an encrypted database and is locked away in a manner that does not fall into other people’s hands. Even the fortune readers cannot access the information of the user unless the user gives explicit permission. Sensitive financial data such as debit cards and credit card information are stored with special care to avoid any data breaches.

Psychic Source also has a very stringent verification process to ensure that no bot accounts are made. They also have proper measures against any malware that may affect their website. The users are sent a verification link to their email as a part of the verification process. This link is generated by the website. The link is sent to the user’s mobile number and email address. Once the user clicks on the verification link, only then they can access their accounts on the Psychic Source website.

The user can use the various sorting tools at their disposal and shortlist the readers that they think will be able to cater to their needs. During the first three free minutes, the user can determine if the fortune-teller is telling accurate things and matches their energies, and is able to understand their problems. If the users are dissatisfied with the service, they can discontinue it before the third minute ends. They will not have to pay a single minute for this service.

More about Psychic Source at the official website Right Here 

Keen Psychic – Best at Giving Guidance on Life Decisions

Great for: Big life decision guidance

Type of Readings: psychic chat or psychic call 

Specialties: Tarot card readings, guidance with career path, love life guidance and pet psychics

Special offer: $1.99 for 10 minutes

For more than two decades, Keen Psychic has been in this business of providing authentic psychic reading by phone or chat services along with fortune-telling other such services. Keen Psychic specializes in love tarot reading, aura reading, numerology, call psychic, live psychics, chat psychics, etc. The most chosen alternative to searching for a psychic reading near me is Keen Psychic.

Click here to Visit Keen psychics

Searching for the right kind of Psychic reader or diviner usually takes a lot of time. People will have to look up their addresses then will have to decide the distance they want to travel, and the cost they will have to pay. They will also have to reveal sensitive information about them. The person seeking the advice will have to take out time from their busy schedule to match the timings of the psychic reader. Such things may not be affordable for people with hectic day jobs. Keen Psychic has practically replaced the psychic reading near me concept.

Such problems can be easily overcome with the help of Keen Psychic, thanks to their massive database of readers and fortune-tellers. Keen Psychic also provides the service of live psychics, which are a better alternative to visiting the psychics available near the user. These fortune-tellers and readers can be accessed through a chat session, video session, phone call psychic reading and are available throughout the day. The user will not have to worry about the location or the time zone since they are available for 24 hours. Even the most proficient readers and expert fortune-tellers can be accessed through a few clicks. The services of the reader at Keen Psychic are inexpensive which makes it accessible to a larger crowd.

10 Minutes For $1.99 Psychic Readings With Keen – Right Here 

Tarot card reading services are also provided by the Keen Psychic. Most people are skeptical about tarot card reading done through the online medium. But Keen Psychic ensures that the tarot readers are trained professionals and can carry out the tarot reading session via online chat and video sessions. The basis of the working of the tarot reading is that the energy of the reader should match with the energy of the user. The user does not have to be in the vicinity of the reader for the tarot reading to be effective, it can easily be done from a distance. The user can also avail of this service over a phone call and get accurate readings. Psychic online services can be tricky, but they work wonders when the energies of the user and the reader matches.

The psychic experts at Keen Psychic are trained to interpret the meaning of the tarot card by matching the card with the user that is seeking advice. This connection only is formed when the user has full faith in the capabilities of the fortune-teller and their skill set. The users on the Keen Psychic website are advised to allow the readers to continue their reading without any significant interruptions. The user is encouraged to ask open-ended questions to the tarot reader and promptly discuss their readings. Only through this kind of active session one can accurate readings and the appropriate answers. The tarot readers will also inform the user about various solutions for the problems that are yet to happen.

Keen Psychic also allows free psychic reading online through phone calls. This allows the user to delve deeper into their soul and understand the meaning of their existence. The user can get significant hidden insights about them through a quick phone call to the professionals at Keen Psychic. These services provided by Keen Psychic are not bound by the chains of space and time or money. 

More about Keen Psychic Services at the official website – Right Here 

One needs to make sure that the free psychic reading that they are getting is authentic. To do this the user may have to do some extensive research on the background of the psychic readers, read through their reviews and ratings before they connect with them. Reviews are one of the easiest ways to figure out if the reader is compatible with the user. The reviews are highly negative, it is better to avoid connecting with that particular psychic reader, especially if they are charging handsomely for their online psychics services.

On the other hand, when the user has only positive comments and reviews of their profiles, without much variation in the tone of the comment, then there is a possibility that the reviews are fabricated and are not worth the while. The user must not only avoid such readers but also report their profiles to the website. The reviews of online psychics are mostly evaluated by the websites, so they also have the power to ban them from the platform.

Check Out the Top-Rated Psychic Readings Website

It is up to the user to make sure that the reader is not provided with unnecessary sensitive information such as bank or budget details. If the reader is to ask such questions regarding these, the user is encouraged to promptly end the session.

If the user feels like the psychic reader is misbehaving with them and is asking for sensitive information even saying no, then the users can report their profile to the website. They should also leave a negative review on their profiles to make sure that other users avoid such psychic readers. If the user feels like the reading that has been provided by the psychic or the fortune-teller is not accurate or not satisfactory they can register a complaint with the website. Most websites like the ones mentioned above provide a cashback policy, to ensure that the resources of the users are not wanted. 

The reviews for these websites are a true testament to the trustworthiness of these websites. There will always be that group that is skeptical of these readings, but some of the reviews on this website suggest otherwise. The review helps the people select the right option for them finding a better option than a “psychic reading near me”


Psychic Experts is an online web portal with a vision and a mission to provide unbiased, honest, and review the sites that provide legit psychic reading online services. Over the years the website has amassed a massive database that includes hundreds of websites and reviews of their psychic services. Psychic Experts will help ensure that one gets through to a genuine website that provides a better service and gives out authentic fortune-telling through professional fortune-tellers.

The websites listed in the portal of keep customer satisfaction on the pedestal. They provide a direct link or tab through which the user can reach the customer care services of the respective website. They also make sure that the information about the users stays private. They also ensure that the problems that the user has faced are not shared with others.




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