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B2B Commerce Insights with Paul Demery – PIM Software

Every now and then you get to talk shop and “geek out” on topics that are close to your heart like B2B commerce. I was lucky enough to do just that when I chatted with journalist, editor, and e-commerce veteran, Paul Demery, from Digital Commerce Lucky for us, Paul is joining this year’s PIMpoint Americas as a moderator for an all-star panel of experts with keynote speakers Cate Trotter, Naseem Saynai, and our co-founder of inRiver, Johan Boström on the topic of “How does PIM and Merchandising Go Hand in Hand?”

I took the opportunity to ask Paul a few burning questions about his experiences in e-commerce and insights into today’s complex and ever-changing industry. Take a look at what he had to say.

If you’d like to hear from Paul directly, make sure you save a seat at PIMpoint before it sells out like last year. The more the merrier!

inRiver: Tell us a little about you and how you came to the world of commerce and B2B?

Demery: I studied English and writing in college and focused on international business as well. I became a reporter and covered a variety of industries. It’s funny that many reporters shy away from B2B, but it’s important and can be very dramatic. I’ve had the chance to write about all different areas from aerospace to media companies and there is a lot at stake when making purchase decisions compared to B2C.

Paul Demery, B2BecNews editor at Digital Commerce 360

inRiver: You’ve written about product information management and digital transformation before. The topics are often included in your B2B Next Conference every year. Why are these topics so hot right now?

Demery: There is always change and companies are keeping their eye on organizations similar to them by market or by category. They pay attention to what they want to emulate.

Every story is different, but B2B commerce is complicated and it’s hard to keep data well organized. The process needs to change to support that.

inRiver: What do you see as the biggest concern for B2B commerce teams today?

Demery: Competition. I think the biggest worry is being surpassed by the competition and that someone can do what they do, but better. They wonder if they are going to be left in the dust by more agile competitors.

Want to learn more about the state of B2B commerce? Follow Paul on twitter here and meet him live at PIMpoint. This is just a snippet of our conversation on all things commerce and how companies are solving the complexities of B2B. See you in Chicago next week.

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