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App To Diagnose Car’s Health Right On User’s Smartphone

NEW YORK, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FIXD Review has to be one of the most innovative devices in the current market scenario. People interested in detecting problems in their cars automatically can use the device without having to go to a mechanic. It comes with an app that has to be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. This app is what gives real-time alerts regarding potential issues in the user’s car. As per the creators, the device can detect over 7,000 problems. The best aspect of the device is the “repair estimate” feature that calculates the probable cost, saving users from exploitation at the hands of the mechanics. Another feature that makes the device stand out is its compatibility with any diesel, hybrid, or gas car, given that the model was produced after 1996. Once users have connected the device with their cars, whenever the car health maintenance monitor detects a problem, the “check engine light” starts to blink. Then, the users can go straight to the app and see what the actual issue is.

There’s also a “maintenance timeline” feature that suggests to the user when their car is due for maintenance. Before recommending maintenance, the device considers several significant determinants such as engine oil, O2 sensor, date of last maintenance, mileage detection, and others. Today, the car repair industry has become one of the most sought-after industries with its sales skyrocketing every year. This is primarily because of the ever-increasing number of cars on the road. The statistics on the subject backs the claim mentioned above. The car sales figures for light vehicles in the US in 1978 was around 15 million and it increased to 18 million by 2018. This marks a 20% increase in only the light vehicle industry. According to another statistic, by 2021, more than 18% of car owners in America will require car service at least once a year. And, with the cars aged over 12 years increasing with every passing day, the numbers are sure to go northwards. 

Customers across the United States have only positive things to highlight about the car health regulating device. One user states, “thank god, I decided to buy FIXD Review for my car. I have never been so happy with my car maintenance. Earlier, I was losing a lot of money on car repairs as my mechanic exploited me, left, right, and center. After I connected FIXD Review with my car, it showed me the repairs required by my car and gave me the estimated cost of the repair. It helped me avoid the ill-treatment at the mechanic’s hands. The associated app is easy to operate as well. A big thanks to the creators of FIXD!”. There are myriad such statements provided by the customers of the FIXD Review device. These only go on to prove the developers’ claim that the users of the device will benefit from it.

Regarding its operation, the FIXD Review device is very easy to use. First, when the device arrives, users have to open it, and fix it to one of the ports in their cars. In most cars, it’s under the dashboard on the side of the driver. They can also contact the customer support of the company if they fail to find the port. Now, they need to download and install the FIXD Review app, available on both Apple and Android app stores. The device now has to be linked with the app. For syncing, users have to turn on the Bluetooth in their mobile phones, then open the app, and sync their device. And it’s done! The device starts working automatically when the car engine is started. 

The device uses the car battery to stay recharged at all times. So, there’s no need for users to constantly eject the device out of the car ports, charge it, and again insert it. It functions in low-power mode that won’t drain the battery of users’ cars. The FIXD app also has the “multi-vehicle control” feature that allows users to monitor the condition of various cars from only one app. To access this feature, users need to have different FIXD Review devices in all the cars. Then, they need to link it with their app. 

The developers recommend users to eject their devices from the car ports only if their car’s been sitting for over 3 weeks. Otherwise, there’s no requirement of removing the device from the car. It will not drain out the battery life of the car as it runs on a low-energy mode. 

Now, there are multiple packages of the device available on the company’s official website. Interested buyers can visit their website and select the most suitable package for themselves based on the number of cars they own. The manufacturer also backs the device with a 30-day refund guarantee and a one-year warranty for the satisfaction of its customers.

Official Website:

Contact Details:

[email protected]
FIXD Automotive
75 5th St NW, Suite 380
Atlanta, Georgia US 30308
Toll Free: 1-800-390-035


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