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Americas Market Intelligence Releases the 2021 Latin America Forecast

MIAMI, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is now making its 2021 Latin America Forecast available to the public on its website. This Forecast was originally broadcast on September 24 to a select audience of leaders in the healthcare, payments, consumer, logistics, insurance and e-commerce sectors.

On the AMI site, The 2021 Latin American Forecast is available in two components: the extensive PDF presented in the September 24 broadcast and the video, which lasts 3.5 hours and includes AMI practice leaders delivering detailed, insightful answers to attendee questions.

“For this year, we expanded the Forecast quite significantly,” explains John Price, Managing Director of AMI. “We integrated not only projections involving COVID-19 but also covered the outlooks for key LatAm markets and larger trends that we believe will affect multiple sectors,” says Price.

Among the areas of focus of AMI’s 2021 Latin America Forecast are:

  • Predicting how and when the COVID-19 health crisis will subside in major LatAm markets, including: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Forecasting when each featured market will resume economic growth and normalcy in 2021
  • Forecasting which industries will lead the Latin American economic rebound in 2021
  • Beyond country-by-country outlooks, the 2021 Latin America Forecast will also analyze four disruptive COVID-driven trends:
    • The accelerated growth of e-commerce
    • The digitization of almost everything
    • The widening income gap in Latin American society
    • The fiscal collapse of Latin American governments

“Many companies are still refining their 2021 strategies, so our Forecast will serve to complement or expand their internal data, allowing them to plan with greater confidence,” observes Price. “Beyond just the extensive data shared in the PDF, the Forecast video also features the analytical firepower of our practice leaders in healthcare, logistics, payments, energy and consumer services. Their perspectives on key trends and detailed answers to attendee questions are a unique resource that will deepen the understanding of what to expect in 2021,” says Price.

The 2021 Latin America Forecast can be obtained by visiting the AMI website. A highlights video of the Forecast can be found on YouTube.

About Americas Market Intelligence
Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is the premier market intelligence and strategy consultancy in Latin America, providing powerful research insights for companies to succeed in a wide range of verticals in the region, including payments, healthcare, logistics, mining, energy, consumer goods and the industrial sector. Its customized research reports deliver data-based clarity and far-reaching strategic direction based on expert sources.

Press contact: Abel Delgado, Director of Digital Marketing, [email protected]

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