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Amazon PPC management agency, Signalytics, is offering its software services to increase conversion rates for FBA sellers. The company uses keyword ranking and paid media channels to scale brands.

DOVER, Del., Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Signalytics, an Amazon PPC management agency, is increasing conversion rates for FBA sellers with its software service that provides e-commerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. Since Amazon ranking is one of the most important factors in optimizing conversion rates and achieving successful selling on Amazon, the company works to discover what opportunities products can use for ranking dominance (PFR).

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“Our mission is to help e-commerce business owners scale their brands. We do this by maximizing their visibility through organic keyword rank and paid media channels,” says a senior spokesperson for the company.

Amazon PPC sellers service utilizes signals, the information passed on by user activity to the websites they visit. When selling a product online, regardless of the platform, user activity that sends the message that the product is popular and in demand will help it rank well for keywords and get seen more. The company applies keyword data, purchase data, social traffic and varied signals to maximize selling growth with the assistance of human augmented advertising management (AI+Managed PPC) to build PPC campaign structures based on data.

Additionally, the company will run and manage rebate campaigns for clients, bringing in social signals from Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok (the only company to do so). “We’ve been able to successfully assist clients with dramatic optimization of their Amazon PPC campaigns. This resulted in thousands of dollars saved in spend and thousands more generated in both organic and advertising revenue,” the company states.

Signalytics offers informative resources through its website in the form of a subscription mailing list which includes the following manuals: ‘URLs That Will Explode Your Growth on Amazon’ and ‘History and Principles of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm’.

Although Signalytics’ current audience of service is focused solely on Amazon sellers, the company is working on plans to branch out to more general e-commerce management in the future. 

To learn more information about the Amazon PPC agency Signalytics, please visit the official company website.

About Signalytics
Signalytics is a software service that provides eCommerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. Its mission is to help eCommerce business owners scale their brands by maximizing their visibility through organic keyword rank and paid media channels.

Spokesperson: Anthony Lee

Phone: +16265090006

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Signalytics

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