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Amazon plans to put in $800 million to effect a one-day free shipping default for prime members.

Although Amazon already has a two-day shipping default for more than 100 million Prime members, it plans to reduce this shipping to a day. Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said that Amazon intends to invest $800million in the second quarter to make one-day shipping default available to Prime members.

CFO Brian Olsavsky stated this while at the company’s first quarter on Thursday. The adjustments would undoubtedly expand on the number of products suitable for the one-day free shipping. Currently, the number of products available for the two – day shipping on Amazon is over 100 million in number.

Amazon plans to upgrade its warehouses and delivery systems to accommodate this revolutionary change as well as using the U. S. Postal service, UPS and Amazon’s own delivery systems.
The change will begin with North America then spread out globally. Amazon plans to take advantage of the Omnichannel experience for its customers to access this feature easily through any platform.

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