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Altana AI Announces Unprecedented Supply Chain Mapping Capability to Meet Biden Executive Order

NEW YORK, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altana AI, a supply chain artificial intelligence provider working with governments and global enterprises to de-risk global supply chains, is announcing the launch of new features in its Altana Atlas platform to automatically map multi-tier global supply chain networks and pinpoint resiliency risks through artificial intelligence. This capability helps federal agencies and U.S. government contractors to meet the requirements of President Biden’s February 24th executive order calling for the review and assessment of critical U.S. supply chains.

“This executive order puts pressure on the public and private sectors alike to do the impossible: see deep into opaque global supply chain networks, then pinpoint security vulnerabilities and resiliency concerns across these massive networks, and do so in a very short period of time to comply with the executive order,” said Evan Smith, CEO of Altana AI. “With the new features launched in our Atlas platform, we can automatically generate multi-tier maps of global value chain relationships on a product-by-product, industry-by-industry basis. Other data solutions offer sprawling, messy networks of business relationships and force their customers to sift through the noise; these new capabilities in the Atlas take you straight to what matters. We’re excited to help the U.S. government meet the demands of the executive order through our unique supply chain mapping capability.”

The Altana Atlas platform can now automatically map an organization’s multi-tier supply chain networks across first, second, third, and n-tier suppliers, locate them on a map, and track the flows of goods between them through multiple stages of transformation. This capability is powered by the world’s most comprehensive supply chain knowledge graph of data. On top of this graph, the Altana Atlas employs artificial intelligence to identify production outages, single points of failure, supply shortages, demand spikes, concentrations of risk exposure, labor rights concerns, and security vulnerabilities.

Government agencies and large multinational enterprises alike are using the Altana Atlas to see across borders and reveal supply chain risks and vulnerabilities. “The Covid supply chain shocks and the increased national security focus over supply chain vulnerabilities are forcing global enterprises to see beyond their direct supplier relationships. Supply chain resiliency is now a C-Suite concern,” said Jack Sullivan, the Chief Security and Resiliency Officer of Boston Scientific. “After surveying the market for solutions, the Altana Atlas was the only solution for generating risk and resiliency intelligence across our extended supply chain.”

About Altana AI
Altana AI helps governments, enterprises, and financial institutions build safe, lawful, inclusive, and resilient supply chains. Without pooling sensitive data, Altana’s customers gain global supply chain visibility and shared risk intelligence through the Altana Atlas – a shared artificial intelligence model of the global supply chain.

Learn more at and follow @Altana_AI on Twitter.

Amy Morgan
[email protected]


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