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7 Critical Magento Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

Every year Magento manages to handle over $100 billion of gross in merchandise volume. There is no doubt that Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide. As startups, SMEs, and large-scale corporations love this platform, Magento has a secured place among the top eCommerce platforms throughout the years.

It presents a perfect blend of the digital and dynamic shopping experience to your customers. And to deliver this experience seamlessly to your customers, your e-store needs to be free of major technical blunders. However, it gets a bit tricky to handle a gigantic code web of any e-store. To help you out with this, we serving as a Magento 2 development services have enumerated the critical errors you might miss during the Magento eCommerce development of your store which is important to solve.

Let’s have a look!

1.Improper Layered Navigation

Layered navigation is generally a combination of different options available on a single web page. There are different categories displayed on a single page. This way, customers can select their choice of category landing on the web page of the products they need. Now, there might occur problems such as slow website, overlapped categories, and obscured images. It affects the user experience. Eventually, it makes you face low sale numbers in your data sheets.

To escape such problems, you can use Ajax navigation for filtered results. You can even disable the crawling for such pages if you do not wish to rank them on google.

2.File Uploading

When you want to upload a specific pack or files on your Magento store, what it looks like: Download the Magento pack, install with FTP, work! What it actually is like: You spent hours finalizing a right tool, downloading the right files and then few more hours uploading the same files with FTP.

And imagine the frustration, when you find out that you missed an important file while uploading software files in Magento Admin.

The simple solution to this mistake is to use ‘Magento Download’. It is much faster and suitable than FTP.

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