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5 Warning Signs That Your PIM Implementation Is At Risk –

Choosing the right partner when selecting a PIM solution or beginning the process for digital transformation isn’t easy and there is a lot at risk. There are many great choices. How can organizations choose the right partner? What factors need to be considered before making a selection to avoid risk and achieve the right results?

As we are just 14 days away from PIMpoint Americas in Chicago, we are highlighting our key sponsors via guest blog posts. Read the insights from partner, Absolunet on the Five Warning Signs That Your PIM Implementation Is At Risk.

When choosing an agency to integrate your Product Information Management (PIM) solution, you need to be picky. Product content, after all, is the lifeblood of your commerce experience.

Here are the 5 barriers to PIM success and how the Absolunet team helps clients dodge those pitfalls:

1. Lack of Enterprise Expertise

Whether you are in an SME or a multinational company, your PIM partner will need to adapt to your organizational context and reality, including technology, systems, procedures, approval chains … maybe even a bit of politics.

Be they some of America’s biggest beer brewers, shoe brands, children’s clothing brands or other, we’ve worked in multiple contexts where the complexity goes beyond coding. We kick off collaborations with a discovery process to set up transparent, successful collaborations. We then guide you on change management, resource allocation (including the need for PIM champions within your organization), and wider stakeholder onboarding.

2. Starting from Scratch

If your chosen agency hasn’t done this before, you will pay the price. Enter: the Absolunet Modules for inRiver or “AMI” (In French, “ami” actually means “friend”). A proprietary accelerator, AMI is Absolunet’s decisive advantage for inRiver PIM integration.

Built on years of experience with enterprise-level merchants, AMI offers Absolunet clients:

● Peace of mind thanks to a proven solution

● Improved visibility on your PIM project

● A manageable way to scale your product content and therefore business

3. Little to No Experience with the Platform

Maybe some of the agencies you are considering have dabbled in PIM, but do they truly know the ins and outs of inRiver? Our PIM transformation team is always up-to-date with inRiver’s latest and greatest. Read: “Get the Most Out of inRiver PIM with These 3 New Features” and “The Many Possibilities of inRiver Product Marketing Cloud’s New Rest API”. Absolunet is the only agency in the world with two inRiver Champions (who authored the articles mentioned above).

inRiver named Absolunet their North-American partner of the year for the past four years (ahem). Our PIM clients have won inRiver’s “PIM Dream Team,” best website redesign, best omnichannel experience, and more.

4. No Connectors

Connecting a PIM to your eCommerce platform is a significant undertaking. Absolunet has developed enterprise-class connectors to major eCommerce platforms like Magento and Insite . Every eCommerce platform and strategy needs to receive data in a different way. Our team’s experience lowers your risks .

5. The Local Advantage: Time Zones and Accountability

Digital transformations are challenging, period. From change management to mobilizing the right internal resources, if your integration team is on a different continent, will you get the highest level of service possible? During business hours? Absolunet has 250 in-house resources with seven agile teams dedicated to PIM integrations. Teams are assigned to an account, not a project. This helps our experts bring and build the knowledge for your unique situation.

Want to learn more about how Absolunet can help your company sidestep these five barriers to PIM success? Our team will be on stage at PIMpoint with client New Balance and available to talk throughout the event!

There’s still time to still register for the event. Don’t miss it September 18 in Chicago.

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