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2021’s Best Free Tarot Card Sites For Accurate Readings

NEW YORK, April 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2021’s Best Sites for Accurate Online Tarot Readings, Psychic-Experts.Com announces the release of the review “4 Best Tarot Card Readings Online.” provides a detailed review on various tarot card reading sites of 2021. Learn more about the best tarot readers to solve problems in life. is one of the top sites that has provided excellent, unbiased reviews on the top-rated tarot card reading sites used by clients online. Their reviews are genuine, personally tested by their reviewers and trustworthy. To ensure every individual understands the pros and cons of each site, they have provided impartial online tarot reading reviews. 

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Life is dynamic. Everyone faces ups and downs in their life. Sometimes, there is tremendous stress and pressure, and sometimes there is never-ending relaxation. It is difficult to predict what life has to offer, and that can make one worried about their future. Adults have multiple responsibilities and expectations that they have to juggle around and meet. This often brings with it periods of uncertainty, grief, unexplainable sadness, and instability. All these negative emotions tend to weigh them down, and leave them even more stressed than before. 

At such times, people often turn to other external sources for assurance. Whether it is related to career opportunities and growth, love life and relationships, marriage, education, or stressors of life in general, tarot card reading can provide a wonderful outlet for people to share their worries and receive a nudge in the right direction, towards the solutions. With the increase in popularity of this activity, the number of sites providing it has also shot up. To make life easier for users, here is a detailed review of the 4 best sites for tarot card reading in 2021.

4 Best Sites For Tarot Card Reading in 2021:

Keen Psychics – Cheapest tarot card reading online by experts with 10 minutes for just $1.99. Enjoy readings via phone call and live chat.

Kasamba – This site is popular for love tarot readings by experienced psychics, with the first 3 minutes free and a whopping 70% off. Avail of the readings via phone call and live chat.

California Psychics – Enjoy high quality tarot card readings for future telling and to uncover the past, present and future at very low rates of just $1 a minute. Readings are available via both phone call and live chat.

Psychic Source – Best for angel card and cartomancy tarot readings, take full advantage of the readings at just $0.66 per minute with the first 3 minutes of the call for free. Readings can be done on live video, via phone call and online chat.

Keen Psychics 

Since there are so many options available for tarot card readings, it can be a real challenge to choose the perfect site for impeccable services, especially for new users. However, Keen Psychics has established itself in the field as the most preferred site for those who are new to the world of tarot readings. In addition to tarot readings, the site also offers psychic readings, spiritual advice and guidance in the area of finance, such as overall financial outlook. Since the past 21 years, the site has worked hard to earn its reputation of one of the best tarot card reading sites on the internet. With over 30 million users, it is truly an in formidable force in the field of tarot card reading.

Key features

Keen Psychics has established itself as the best site for love relationships tarot card reading. With its extremely experienced and expert readers and advisors, the site is the best shot for users who are confused about their relationships, who are looking for new partners, or those who want further clarity on the future of their relationship. 

The site has very reasonable rates for tarot card reading, which is as little as $1.99 for 10 minutes. They also provide free tarot card reading for the first 3 minutes. 

Signing up and registering on the site is easy. Users only need to fill in their basic payment details and they can then browse the website and choose their advisors from a big list of advisor profiles available publicly. 


The site offers excellent customer service. The customer support is available 24/7, and the team can assist the users in various languages, depending upon the convenience of the user. Customer satisfaction is their foremost priority and if users are not satisfied with the services, they can directly ask for a refund, no questions asked. This feature sets them apart from the plethora of tarot reading websites available online. 

Keen Psychics has the unique feature where all users can access its video library for free. The videos available in the library act as an FAQ section for the users and provide answers in video format to common questions such as what a user should do after the reading, when and what specific questions they can ask the advisors and what they should and should not do during a tarot card reading. This gives users clarity on how tarot readings work and how they can benefit the user. 

The website is very easy to navigate. Since there are such a large number of advisors available, the site allows easy filtering for the users, based on the subject they are concerned with, the type of advisor they wish to work with, and in what mode they would like the meeting to occur. Since Keen offers both live chat and phone call, users can choose every aspect of their reading, right down to the duration of the call. This allows them to enjoy the tarot card reading at their own convenience. 


The site does not offer many promotional offers and discounts. While they are relatively cheaper and easier to navigate, as the services get more intricate, their prices also increase. Besides the promotions available for new users, Keen Psychics does not offer any other special rebates or offers. This can actually put off many users who may feel that the services are financially out of their reach.

The site does not offer video calling as a mode for online tarot reading. Such readings are done best when the advisor is able to form a connection and read the body language of the user before making their predictions. If they are unable to read the user via call, it is difficult to provide accurate readings via chatting or phone calls alone.

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If anyone has ever attempted to get tarot card readings online, there is no way that they have not come across Kasamba. This site is extremely popular for tarot card readings, particularly love and relationship readings. It provides a healthy and consistent competition to Keen Psychics for this tarot reading subject. From getting crushes to speaking to the users, to strengthening already established relationships, Kasamba advisors can provide help in the form of tarot card readings in all aspects of love. Besides this subject, Kasamba also specializes in matchmaking, angel card reading, cartomancy reading and many more forms of tarot readings online. With over a 100 readers and advisors working under the site, users can find the perfect match and solutions for their problems. 

Key features

The site was established nearly 20 years back, and has gained a name for itself in the field of psychic readings and tarot card readings. With over 3 million users availing of its services, there is no doubt about the skills and expertise of its advisors and tarot card readers. 

The users can easily sign up and register for readings either by creating a new account on Kasamba, or simply linking their Apple or Google accounts to the site. Registration is easy and is completed in 3 simple and quick steps. 

The user interface of Kasamba is very simple to navigate. The main page shows the various advisors available in different specialties and subjects, their profile, experience, work rate, ratings and reviews. This makes it easy for users to choose the advisor they wish to work with. 

Kasamba has a mobile app which is compatible and available for download on both Android and iOS. This makes it much easier for users to avail of its excellent and top quality tarot reading services. 


The site has economical services. They provide the first 3 minutes of the service for free. If users are satisfied with the call, they can continue after making the payment. If they do not approve of the service quality, they can simply end the call, and they will not be charged for the 3 minutes.

The site has some of the best and most attractive offers provided by tarot card reading sites. In addition to the free 3 minutes, they also offer a 70% discount to first time users and newly registered users. Old users can currently enjoy an additional 15% discount on their selected services. This offer is perhaps the highest amount of discount provided by any online tarot reading site.

The Best Match Guarantee feature of Kasamba allows users to avail of another call with advisors, with the first 3 minutes for free, even if they have already used this service once. If they select this option while making the call, they can enjoy another 3 minutes of free consultation with a different advisor. 

The site provides publicly accessible user ratings and reviews. Users can leave behind personalized reviews which makes it much simpler for new users to select their advisors with the help of these ratings. It also gives new users a clear direction on how they can approach a tarot card reading. 


The site is quite expensive. While new users can enjoy incredible offers and discounts, the older users do not receive many promotions. The tarot reading prices at Kasamba depend upon the expertise of the reader. As a result, readings can range from $1.69 per minute to $25.99 per minute and sometimes even more. 

The service is only available on call and live chat, making one doubt the accuracy of its readings. Since the advisor does not have the chance to form a connection with the user even on video call, this may make the result more generalized.

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California Psychics

There are very few people who are not plagued by their future and what it holds for them. The worry and stress from what is going to come, ends up spoiling their present for them. Whether it is about their jobs, education, relationships, love life or their health, worrying about the future prevents them from enjoying the present. To help resolve such problems and get clarity on the direction of their life, people can turn to the advisors and readers at California Psychics. The team specializes in future readings and to connect the past, present and future together. Additionally, they also offer services in other aspects of life. The site has over 25 years of experience in the field of tarot reading. With an easy registration process, thousands of advisors and readers to choose from and reasonable prices, the site has gained immense popularity among new and old users alike. 

Key features

The site has a unique system for selecting a tarot reader. Users are required to first sign up, provide their payment details and then they can browse among the readers’ profiles. The easiest method to browse and select would be to use the filtering tool, where they can select the subject or topic they wish to seek advice on, followed by the method through which they would like the tarot card reading to be done. The advisors can either be clairvoyants, empaths, mediums, dream analysts, channeling psychics and so on. They can even choose the style of the reader; whether they want someone straightforward, empathetic, or inspirational. 

The site offers a section called Staff Picks, where the staff at California Psychics leaves behind reviews and ratings for the various readers and advisors that work with them. They can list down the advantages, disadvantages and the best qualities of each reader, so that users can make more informed choices. 


The site has exceptional offers for new users. While the first 3 minutes of the reading are free like the other tarot reading sites, the remaining minutes can be enjoyed at a price as low as $1 per minute. Users can also use codes such as ‘ADD5′ to enjoy 5 extra free minutes. An additional 80% discount is also available for new users. These attractive offers bring users’ attention to their competent services. 

The filtering tool of California Psychics is very specific and sensitive. The users can select the exact service they are looking for and the mode through which they want to avail of it. This means that the entire reading is customized by the user, including the reader they wish to work with. 


Every guide under the site works using different techniques. This means that there is an inconsistency in the results provided by each reader. Users may not get the same results if they approach different advisors with the same problem. This causes users to question which result is accurate and reliable. 

While the introductory offers of the site are incomparable to any other, the services get expensive as their difficulty level increases. The more experienced a Seer or a reader is, the more money the users have to pay for their services. This means that getting a high quality reading from a top-rated reader can be quite expensive. 

Readings are available only on phone call and live chat. While tarot card reading can be done by this method with accuracy, the biggest problem comes in understanding the exact worry and concern of the user. Connections are formed much more deeply when conversations are held face-to-face. Even the highest paid advisors do not come with video call readings.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min – Click Here

Psychic Source

With over 30 years of experience in the field of tarot reading, Psychic Source is truly one of the oldest sites for online tarot card reading services such as love tarot reading, cartomancy reading and angel card reading. It is especially famous for its latter two services. With such expertise in the field, the team has mastered the art of tarot readings and providing their clients and users with the most accurate predictions and results. Their efficiency, reliability and impeccability is what sets them apart from the hundreds of tarot card reading sites available on the internet. 

Key features 

The site offers the first 3 minutes of the reading for free for each session. Users can enjoy this feature even after their first reading with the site is completed. 

The site values its customer satisfaction very strongly. If the user is not satisfied with the advisor’s results or services, they can contact the customer support team and ask for a refund. This will be granted to them, no questions asked. 

The site has a special system wherein they receive points every time they avail the services of the readers and advisors. When sufficient points have been collected by the user, they can receive discounts, offers and even completely free sessions for their subsequent services. 

Psychic Source values the privacy and confidentiality of the users. Every reader and advisor under the site is thoroughly scrutinised, background-checked and licensed, to ensure only the best quality of services, with utmost safety and security for the users.


The site offers its readings via phone call, live chat and video call. This is not something commonly offered by other sites which gives Psychic Source a well-eared edge over other tarot reading websites. Video calling allows the readers and users to form a much-needed connection before they can share personal information and receive the tarot reading results. It also improves the accuracy of the result and ensures customer satisfaction. 

The site goes all out for its new users. Each user enjoys the first 3 minutes of the session for free and the subsequent minutes at only $0.66 per minute. Even if the session runs up to 10 minutes or more, it does not create a burning hole in the wallets of the users. 

Since the readers at the site are thoroughly checked, the quality of services they provide is unmatched. Not only are the readings precise, they are also quick and helpful. Readers do not unnecessarily prolong a session with the hopes of earning more from the users. 


The site gets increasingly more expensive. Initially, new users are given very reasonably priced services, but as the intricacy of the problem increases, and as the reader gets more experienced, the services become more costly. In fact, the prices can be as high as $4.95 per minute. The higher price for improved quality can sometimes cause users to either go for more baseline services or simply switch to a more affordable tarot reading website.

Psychic Source only offers online services. While other sites provide offline services as well, this is not possible for Psychic Source. If one types in ‘tarot card reading near me’ into search bars, they will not come across the site for offline readings. While this allows a more comfortable session for some users, it also takes away from the overall experience that comes with tarot card readings.

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What is tarot card reading and how does it function?

Tarot card reading is not some form of astrology that predicts the future of the person. It simply assesses and analyses the present decisions of the user and helps them acknowledge the abilities or thoughts that are present in their subconscious mind but which have not manifested into the conscience yet. Tarot card reading has a rich history and dates back to as far back as the 4th century. It does not provide the user with concrete solutions. It simply gives them a direction towards which they should work.

For example, if one is suffering from a problem at work, and is not able to decide whether they want to leave their current job or not, they will not be given a definitive answer by tarot card readers – like yes, they must leave the job, or no, they should continue with it. Instead, they will be given a nudge towards their own subconscious mind. The tarot reader forces the user to introspect and decide whether they are happy in their current job and whether they are enjoying professional growth or not. The readers help the users come to a decision on their own, instead of influencing them with pre-arranged answers. 

In order to give accurate answers, readers and advisors will ask the users some personal questions which they must answer honestly. Based on these answers, the body language of the user and their own perception of the problem, the reader will pick a tarot card and accurately interpret what it represents. 

Understanding a tarot card deck

A tarot card deck typically consists of 78 cards, which can be further divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. As their names suggest, the major arcana cards should only be used for major life-changing decisions, such as career changes, life lessons, personal growth and so on. The minor arcana cards, on the other hand, are used for slightly more trivial decisions, which do not create a powerful impact on one’s life. 

These minor arcana cards are further divided into 4 decks:

The Suit of Wands – These represent creativity, passion and motivation and are used when one’s career, ambitions and influences are being discussed. 

The Suit of Pentacles – Also known as the suit of coins, this deck is used for financial decisions and queries, such as where to make investments, whether the current investments will bring returns, purchasing assets such as cars or property and so on. 

The Suit of Cups – This deck represents all the decisions and aspects of life that are connected and heavily influenced by one’s emotions. It includes love life, relationships with friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances, coworkers and so on. Any problems such as falling apart, forming new relations, any trouble in paradise and so on are addressed by this deck. 

The Suit of Swords – As the name suggests, this deck is related to all the decisions which represent bravery and straightforwardness. Any action which requires knowledge, skill, decision-making, logic and level-headedness is dealt with by this deck of cards. 

Once the correct deck of cards is picked by the reader, the cards are placed face down, and the advisor or the reader picks the card which calls to them. According to the card picked, they then interpret it and explain the meaning to the user. If the card is a minor arcana, it usually represents a temporary problem which will not leave a drastic and long-lasting impression on the user. A major arcana card means that a major life-altering decision or change is waiting to occur. 

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How to choose a reliable tarot card reading site?

There are some factors to be kept in mind while choosing a tarot reader to discuss personal problems and find solutions. This is important because several sites are only looking to make money instead of helping their clients. Figuring out these drawbacks early on protects the users from unnecessary scams. 

Customer reviews: Customer reviews and ratings are the easiest and most trustworthy method to check if the site is reliable or not. They are honest, and guide one in the right direction. If a particular reader does not have a review, then this could indicate a red flag, something that users should avoid. Sometimes, sites also hire people to write good reviews for them. But these are generic and can be easily spotted if one is careful enough. Therefore, thoroughly peruse the reviews before deciding on the advisor for tarot card reading. 

Level of performance: Nowadays, most sites make the profiles of their readers and advisors available publicly so that it is easy for users to choose and decide on the reader. While profiles can be also faked, they are usually genuine in well-trusted and highly rated sites. Always opt for popular sites as they usually come with tons of experience and expertise in the field. 

Length of the session: Every site for tarot reading charges its users by the minute. This means that the longer the session, the more expensive it gets for the users. Always be on the lookout if the reader is deliberately wasting time and taking longer to conclude the session. Each user has the right to end their session if the reader is indulging in such scams. They can also report the incident to customer support and receive adequate remuneration in such a case. 

Trusting live chats: If a user is getting their tarot card reading on live chat, they must be careful enough and check if the answers are generic and robotic or personalized. Many times, sites claim to provide live chat tarot readings but just use chatbots instead of real professional readers. 

Are online tarot readings better than offline readings? 

Several people tend to not easily trust services that are available online. Since they are not able to gauge the service for themselves, they tend to distrust it. The same applies for online tarot readings. While it is not possible to conclude which is better between online and offline tarot readings, since it depends on a personal preference, each does have its own set of pros and cons. Offline readings provide users with a complete experience of how tarot card readings work and function, and how the readers arrive at the result. They also ensure enhanced accuracy since the readers occur face-to-face and the reader is able to correctly understand the problem of the user, their body language and take on the issue and the way they perceive it. It also allows them to form a proper connection with the user, which is essentially when there is exchange of such personal information. 

In online tarot readings, the session is conducted either on call or live chat, and occasionally in video calls. The essence on which such psychic readings are based is absent. This can definitely reduce the precision of the results as well as the personalization of the reader’s answers. While video calls do preserve this accuracy to some extent, very few websites offer these video calling services. 

Offline readings are not preferred as it is difficult to find tarot readers in the same area where the user lives. People have to travel long distances, spend time, effort, money and other resources to avail of tarot reading services. In case of online readings, they can simply enjoy these from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of the day, and from any place in the world. 

Can free tarot readings be trusted?

Free tarot readings are different from free trials offered by websites. While these free trials are definitely trustworthy, free tarot readings are somewhat a gamble. One may end up with a good result, and sometimes they may receive incorrect answers. Most free readings come from pre-arranged algorithms of websites and offer generic readings, regardless of the information that the user provides. This makes it difficult to trust these readings. Free services are also often backed by chatbots instead of real human professionals, and therefore, their answers are robotic and automated. Some websites also employee amateur readers instead of professionals, further depreciating the quality of the readings. 

If one is only trying to understand how tarot readings work, or what they entail, and want a simple first experience, they can opt for these free readings. However, if they are looking for proper, correct and accurate answers for their problems, it is always a safer and more trustworthy option to choose paid sites. At least, these sites ensure highly certified and experienced tarot readers, with expertise in the field of tarot reading. 

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A Summary

Tarot card readings are excellent to provide users with guidance and directing them on the right path in life. It also helps them connect better with their own mind and conscience, and to understand their own strengths and weaknesses more sensitively. However, as a user, one must not rush into getting a tarot card reading on the first website they find. Instead, they should carefully read reviews of the popular and top-rated sites, check the advantages and disadvantages of each, experience the free trial available on the sites, and only then make their decision. Since some of the quality services can get quite expensive, this decision must be made carefully. Additionally, since the user shares personal information with their advisors, they must thoroughly check the safety, security and confidentiality of the sites before making their choice. Those who are interested must not get intimidated by these choices of tarot reading websites. provides an unprejudiced and thorough rating of each site for the easy perusal of the users across the world. 

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