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100% Free Readings by Phone, Chat or Video

NEW YORK, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A Guide to the best online psychic reading services for tarot cards, future reading, life questions, spiritual readings, psychic mediums preformed via live chat, phone call and video, Psychic-Experts.Com announces the release of the review “Top Online Psychic Reading Services By Phone, Chat Or video” brings to the users a few tips they can keep in mind before starting a psychic chat session and 4 of the best platforms to take that service. is a platform that reviews psychic reading platforms. They have conducted a study and analyzed it carefully, and then came up with the 4 best psychic reading platforms for 2021. It is a forum committed to bringing the best psychic reading platforms for users.

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A psychic reading can be of immense value and help a person find their purpose in life. There are so many issues that one goes through in daily life, including love, money, finances, and so on. These are the most vital aspects of one’s life, and once a person gets stuck in these, it is difficult to come out on their own. Psychic reading helps a user get deep insights into their lives and seek solutions for the problems they have been suffering from.

Even if a person does have some direction about the path of their life, there are still many blocks on the road that stop them from following that path and achieving success. An effective reading session can bring in drastic changes and upgrade a person’s life beyond imagination.

There is no doubt about the rumors that are surrounded by psychic readings. People are hesitant towards using such mediums at first, however, looking at the positive changes that come in one’s life, a lot of paradigm shifts have happened amongst people because there is not one person who does not want to have a life full of prosperity and happiness.

To ensure user-friendliness, all the websites that reviews have a button or a tab that allows users to connect with customer care services and resolve their grievances directly. It ensures that there is no risk of losing money at all.

The Best 4 Psychic Reading Platforms for Chat & Phone Readings:

It is important to ensure that the psychic services taken are from genuine websites so that users can derive value from the sessions. Below are the 4 best platforms for a psychic reading. All of them conduct these sessions through phone, chat, and live mediums. 


Kasamba has been in the business of providing psychic reading services for almost two decades now. The quality of their website and reader is very versatile and wide. Often, it is assumed that psychic reading sessions cannot take place through a medium like chatting. However, the team of psychic readers at Kasamba is skilled enough to conduct the readings through these mediums and give an efficient outcome.

One can be sure of the readers as they go through a detailed selection process, and all of their profiles are checked for experience, specialty, and expertise. Readers can also get an idea of how the session will turn out for them by reading reviews and comments left by the previous users.

Apart from that, the users can benefit more by being clear of what they want from reading. If they are clear of this fact, they can choose a psychic reader with that particular specialization. Once the users at Kasamba create their account, they can scroll down through the profiles of various experts and choose the ones that they think shall turn out to be the best for them.

User experience is the foremost thing at Kasamba, a. That’s why they have an app that is compatible with both android and iOS systems and has easy-to-navigate tabs to ensure that the website and app both are user friendly.

New users often face a hesitation to invest in psychic readings. For that reason, the new users are given 70% off, and the first three minutes free. At this time, they can decide whether they like a particular psychic or not. They can continue with the same after the third minute is up, then they will be charged according to the rates set by psychics. However, if they feel that the session will not be helpful, they can end the session before the third minute is up.

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California Psychics

California psychic is another psychic reading platform connecting users and readers for more than two decades now. By being in the business for so long, they have gained enough experience to provide the best psychic guidance on huge life-changing matters, such as love, relationships, finance, success, money, and much more.

The platform consists of readers who have expert knowledge on specific subject matters and the whole as well. The psychics have a profile on the California Psychics website, making it easier for users to browse through and come across a psychic of their choice. The readers conduct these sessions through various mediums, including phone, chat, and live.

In twenty years, California psychics has managed to win millions of hearts because of their expertise. The trust that they have created amongst their customers is also massive. The sessions they conduct have the purpose of going deep into the problems that a user is facing in their lives. They are considerate that users may be going through a huge life crisis and have lost paths in life. Without any fear of judgment or confidentiality issues, users can go ahead and ask questions about whatever they want to.

One of the main reasons for the huge success of California psychics is that they employ nothing less than perfect. All the psychics at this platform hold immense years of experience, making them experts in the field. Some experts specialize in certain matters. The pool of readers at this platform is extremely diverse, and this helps to prove a lot of options to the users so that everybody can find a psychic of their choice, whom they can trust with their life issues.

They also keep introducing offers and discounts to ensure that the customers keep coming back to them and to build trust amongst the new ones. They roll out huge introductory discounts as well.

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Psychic Source

Psychic Source is another such website that has provided help to the seekers by connecting them to the psychics. They have been in this field for more than three decades now and have become a house to hundreds of fortune-tellers. All of them are selected through a rigorous selection process, which ensures that they are capable of looking at a person’s past, present and future, to give them useful insights into their lives.

Psychic Source wants to ensure that they reach the most customers, and that is why they conduct psychic sessions through various mediums of texting, live, and call options. With any subscription, users are offered the first three minutes free. During this period, they can decide whether they live the particular psychic or not. One should not forget that after the three minutes are up, users will have to pay according to the rates set by psychics. However, even after the three-minute free session is up, Psychic Source is still affordable.

There are a lot of times when people get stuck in life. There is no enthusiasm for present or future, mostly past-related grief. To move ahead in one’s life, it is important to ensure that people get rid of the heavy feeling they have been carrying throughout. Psychics of psychic experts will help users find out the issues, help them deal with them, and give them useful insights into the future. It can be of major help to people who are looking to find a definite purpose in life. Awareness brings in a lot of changes.

The psychic source helps users find the right direction in life. Their website is committed to providing the best possible service to get something beyond their expectations. They provide 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, if a customer is unhappy with the service they get, there are provisions through which changes are made to get value for their money.

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 Keen Psychics

There is a lot of aspects that make one’s life complete. Love, money, relationships, and success, all of these things play a vital role in determining the happiness in one’s life. They are so many complications that one faces, especially in these matters. The biggest complication is that each one faces a different problem so that no one solution can fit all.

Keen psychic is a platform where hundreds of fortune-tellers deal with users on a one-on-one basis. Each user gets their specific timing for sessions to ask whatever questions they may have about their lives. The readers will intently listen and do the best they can to help the users.

It is very difficult for users to take time from their busy schedules and travel long distances to attend a psychic session. Keen psychic is of tremendous help when it comes to this because they conduct the sessions over easily available mediums like call, chat and live.

Gone are the days when people doubted the benefits of psychic reading. With the improvements it has made in people’s lives, many are willing to take this step and invest in their well-being. Keen psychic ensures that their rates are low, and they always keep providing offers and discounts so that they can attract more and more users. There is no compulsion whatsoever. Users can browse through the website and choose a reader that they think will be the most beneficial.

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Tips to keep in mind before starting a chat session

Often users hesitate in being completely honest about their lives with a psychic reader. However, that is the only thing that can help users get the most useful insights about their lives. A lot of factors can cause such hesitation. It could be the fear of judgment or some inner suppressed feeling. A psychic reading is beneficial only when there is complete trust and mutual understanding. 

If questions are popping up even after the session time is up, you can still indulge in a conversation with your reader. That is how the discussion will be fruitful, and the user can get the most.

If uncertainty persists, the user can ask the reader about the confidentiality policies and be sure that the readers cannot and will not let the conversation between the two parties leak.

People are keen on taking a psychic session to get an answer to life’s most confusing questions. Everybody wants to enhance the quality of their lives by getting expert insight that may lead to discovering one’s life purpose. For this to happen, a user must prioritize what do they want to ask from the reader. Some people deal with problems related to love, while some with financial success and so on. For each person, priorities vary. Now, in a psychic session, every minute counts, so rather than wasting time on unnecessary questions, one can prioritize and be prepared beforehand on what needs to be asked. 

  • Keep the questions ready.

Sometimes, during the session, users can get swayed away from what they wanted to ask. Under the pressure of letting the reading go well, they might ask questions that are relevant only during the session, as the important ones slip off the mind.

The user can make the most out of a session by ensuring that before it starts, the user can set aside some time to think about the most life-altering questions deeply. Users get extra time when they can intentionally clear their heads of any misleading thoughts, focus only on the important aspects of their life, and frame questions accordingly. This ensures that there is no unnecessary burden on the user as they are already clear with what they want to know from a psychic.

Distraction is the most convenient thing that can happen, and similarly, self-control does not come easy. If a user chooses to sit in an environment full of noise and disturbances, the flow of thought gets disturbed. And then, it becomes difficult to process the thoughts and turn them into a meaningful discussion. Hence, it is a good idea to ensure that the user is sitting in a quiet and comfortable place. This will surely help in effective interaction between the two parties.

While some people have the confidence to spontaneously sit for a session and make the most out of it, some do not. Everybody is built differently; however, preparation can make anybody get the best out of any situation. Being prepared gives users an upper hand and clarity on what they need to ask. Little things like writing down the questions, sitting in a noise-free environment, ensuring good connectivity can go a long way. Not doing these things ahead of time will lead one to waste those precious minutes when the session starts. In the end, it is crucial to remember that a particular session could be the one that has the potential to change one’s life drastically.

There’s a lot of websites that provide psychic reading services. However, it is crucial to find the most authentic ones to get value for money. The genuine ones provide complete customer satisfaction, and therefore there is no risk of losing money. As far as psychics’ quality and specialization are concerned, one can easily find the best ones by browsing through the websites and looking at the previous users’ comments and reviews. The reviews give an idea of how the experience will turn out for current users. Doing some research will help one find a psychic that matches their requirements. 

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About is a review platform that is committed to exploring the most authentic and genuine websites over the internet for users. It conducts a careful study for each site that claims to provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They consider the smallest of details because every little thing counts when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Psychic associate with only those platforms that claim to be completely authentic. One is still always expected to conduct their research before investing in a psychic reading platform. This has become very easy because all websites contain reviews left by previous users. The current users can get an idea of how the experience will turn out for them.

If the reviews are positive, it is a clear indication that the website is trustworthy and vice-versa. However, if all the reviews are overly positive, wis not a very good sign with just a little variation. It indicates that there is a fabrication of reviews and brings down the overall credibility of the website.

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