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Your Leadership Superpower: Asking Questions

There is a common misstep every leader makes at some point in their career. Many leaders never actually overcome it and become “that boss” who routinely exhibits it. Their behavior can increase workload and undermine team performance. It will irritate people. Bosses who do this are sometimes met with silence or passive head nods. Some

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A Complete Guide to Chatbot Marketing

How They Work, Examples and Benefits In a world that’s increasingly reliant on automation, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to chatbots for help with running their companies. Among consumers, however, chatbots have historically had a poor reputation. They’re remembered for their infancy, when they weren’t very good at conversing in a natural

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Ecommerce Trends Webinar | Econsultancy

June 30th 2021 | 3pm BST | 10am EST The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to ecommerce with ecommerce sales rapidly growing and surpassing levels not expected until 2025. Total online sales growth in the UK alone rose by 36.6% year-on-year in 2020 – the largest growth seen since 2007. Brands that traditionally resisted ecommerce

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Key Benefits of Effective Delegation

When done properly, and with good intentions, delegation can be rewarding for managers and team members alike. Unfortunately, some managers shy away from delegating for fear of jeopardizing job security or possibly disrupting the flow of the team. However, there are some very positive outcomes of delegation if it is done properly. Delegation can be

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