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inRiver PIM KPI Dashboard · inRiver

Follow your identified product information KPI:s in a very user friendly, customizable dashboard designed especially for inRiver PIM. The Dashboard Star Republic’s inRiver PIM KPI dashboard offers simple drag and drop functionality. After collecting data directly from inRiver PIM, the dashboard can display it in simple drag and droppable charts and statistical components either on

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Getting Started With iPaaS and Embedded iPaaS

As a business, it’s fairly likely that you have a plethora of apps and software that you use on a day-to-day basis. But what happens when you need to integrate those apps, such as when you want to create a streamlined user experience for your customers? This is where iPaaS comes in, and this article

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3 Employee Experience Touchpoints That Impact Customer Experience

Employee Experience is Critical, and Smart Organizations are Taking Notice Employee experience has been called “the new customer experience” and “the answer to customer experience” in more than one article. There is no doubt the experience employees have, how engaged they are, and how well prepared they are has a direct impact on customer experience.

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Perficient PIM Platform Quickstart · inRiver

Overview Speed-to-market is an essential part of an organization’s success when it comes to the product journey, from design or sourcing to product release. Perficient has developed a quick-start program that implements the inRiver platform, sets up the data model, and imports product data into the platform in a very short amount of time. This

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Perficient PIM Platform Integration Quickstart · inRiver

Overview In this quickstart, Perficient will implement the inRiver PIM platform, import product content, and integrate the PIM system to one external system (ex: e-commerce, CMS, etc.) to provide product content. This approach not only creates a PIM platform for product management stakeholders as a speed-to-value approach, but it also automates the output of product

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